Have you ever wondered if you would be the right fit or have the right skills for marketing agency jobs?

As a full service B2B marketing agency, Pace Creative is proudly diverse and there is a common thread that holds each team member together – our driven focus on our core values.

Check out our four core values (and more) below to discover how you can become the next Pace Creative rock star!

Collaborative Skills for Marketing Agency Jobs

What do you call a team with no collaboration? A hoolahoo. Yes, that is indeed a thing that doesn’t exist.

At Pace Creative, we work together to provide support for each other and merge our ideas and skills for the best possible results. Although each individual is a superstar with their own unique skillset, we know that the whole is the greater sum of its parts, which is why building a collaborative team is one of our top company values.

Maintaining collaboration as a core value has also championed and contributed to our support system in the workplace.

Innovative Marketing with Innovative Minds

We call ourselves creative for a reason – we like to wow our clients with new perspectives!

An innovative team member is one that is willing to:

  • Make mistakes
  • Try something new
  • Push the boundaries when thinking and when taking action

Emphasis on innovation encourages team members to maintain their skill building and reach their career development goals by engaging in problem-solving and learning on the job! We are proud to be a company that supports learning and career growth opportunities for employees.

Inclusivity Creates a Learning Environment

If Pace Creative were a dish, we would be the best chicken tikka masala.

Why? Because we are the perfect blend of different spices, all working together to bring you the best experience.

Being inclusive means acknowledging and celebrating the different background, personality, skillset, and values that each individual team member holds. It also means understanding that through these differences, we can learn from each other and make each other better.

Customer-Centric Mindset Builds Long-Term Success

Going above and beyond for our clients is what we strive to do every day! We show our passion and belief in our clients’ mission through attending to their needs, staying communicative and positive, and more importantly, delivering high-quality work every time using a customer centric mindset.

Agility and Flexibility in Marketing Agency Jobs

We certainly live up to our “pace” name! Pace Creative is a fast-paced and process-oriented work environment.

Someone who both enjoys following standards, processes, and structures while also knowing when to activate creativity and innovation skills to challenge the status quo to help improve the environment will thrive here!

To align with our core company values of collaboration and customer service, the ability to readjust priorities and problem-solve will prove handy in keeping up with the fast-paced changing expectations and requirements that come with agency work.

Desire and Drive to Meet Career Development Goals

As a content marketing agency, our expertise needs to be consistently on point. The digital marketing world constantly changing, so we need to be reading and learning on the job all the time in order to remain competitive for ourselves and for our clients.

To best serve our clients and have a fulfilling career, the Pace Creative team knows that it is imperative that we continuously strive to improve ourselves. This ranges from taking a new course or, simply, learning from previous mistakes!

Curiosity to Develop New Creativity and Innovation Skills

Travelling – Curiosity – New Perspectives

Travelling has long been known as a pursuit of the curious, and with collaboration, creativity and innovation skills at our core it’s no surprise that most of the team members at Pace Creative have lived, worked, and played in places far beyond Vancouver.

Curiosity drives us to challenge the status quo, to think outside of the box, be willing to make mistakes, learn on the job, and to seek out new perspectives from those around us.

New perspectives promote the creation of innovative marketing strategies and encourages career growth amongst the team!


Pace Creative as an agency is growing, and we are always looking for members to join our team with an attitude aligned with our values!

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