One of our favourite things to do as a B2B marketing agency is reflect!

We can’t believe 2021 has already come to an end!

Pace Creative had a jam-packed year filled with so many success stories and we can’t be more grateful for our supportive clients and our hard-working team. One of our biggest successes this year: our marketing agency turned 8 years old! Read more about how we celebrated this big milestone!

Our team celebrating our agency’s 8th birthday!

Agency Growth

After our agency re-organization last year, Pace Creative has grown even more. This growth has only been made possible due to the trust that our clients and team members have continued to place in our agency.

This past year we gained 11 new employees! In 2021, we welcomed:

  • Aleksandra
  • Chloe
  • Erika
  • Genevieve
  • Hakan
  • Isabelle
  • Jorge
  • Karen
  • Madeeha
  • Naoki
  • Paige

Our B2B Marketing Agency Values

Let’s look back at our year through the lens of our four agency values: collaboration, inclusiveness, innovation, and exceptional customer service.


In 2021, our team was able to return to working in the office with our health and safety protocols in place. Throughout this period of transition back into the office and rapid growth as a full-service marketing agency, we were still able to surpass our client’s expectations, think strategically, and continue to address all our clients’ needs.

Amazing double rainbow spotting from our office!

Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace

We have learned through experience that a diverse and inclusive workplace can drive our agency to success. Diversity promotes the generation of fresh insights, innovative ideas, and the creation of unique solutions!

Our team at Pace Creative is a diverse group, and we are committed to keeping this as a top priority moving forward by joining the 50-30 initiative.

The 50-30 Challenge is an initiative by the Canadian government to promote diversity and inclusion in the workplace of businesses of all sizes. The campaign aims to advance under-represented and equity-seeking groups, such as women and other diverse groups, to achieve leadership roles. Learn more about our commitment to the 50-30 challenge and what it is all about.

Team photo from our summer barbecue!

Exceptional Customer Service

We were more committed than ever to helping our clients achieve their marketing goals! Reinforcing exceptional customer service as one of our agency values ensures that it is at the forefront of every team member’s mind. This drives the creation of our customer-centric marketing solutions AND helps our agency grow with returning clients and referrals!

We had a 100% client return from 2020 to 2021, and we also welcomed many new clients based on referrals – including:


As the pandemic continued, our B2B marketing agency continued our work in healthcare marketing and maintained our strong connections with the healthcare industry.

We continued to work with several international medical companies, like Fresenius Kabi, Argon Medical Devices, and Grifols, to convey complex medical products and services through our strategic marketing abilities. This includes our 3D animation product-explainer videos! We are already planning many more videos for Argon and will continue to manage and design multiple large website projects for Grifols.

Other large successes for this year include launching phase one of the biggest software development projects to date for our agency and completing a strategic website redesign project under budget.

Award-Winning B2B Marketing Agency

Our agency received many recognitions this year – we couldn’t be prouder!

2021 Communitas Award

We won a 2021 Communitas Award for our work with Craft Council of British Columbia (CCBC), a local charitable and non-profit arts service organization dedicated to supporting all stages of artistic practice in the craft sector. This award recognizes exceptional businesses, organizations, and individuals who are dedicated to community outreach. We are beyond happy to be recognized by them!

Read more about our Communitas Award!

2021 Web Excellence Award

We also won the Web Excellence Award in the web apps and services category for our web development work with Charli AI on their online content strategy!

As an extension of their content marketing, this online strategy focused on user acquisition to meet Charli AI’s specific business goals. Pace Creative developed SEO-driven website content and created a UX-focused, user-centric design that includes the Hub of Productivity. For the website development, our team opted to use a mix of technologies: Gatsby for static website pages and WordPress as the CMS – which turned out to be a headless CMS, per industry jargon.

Read more about our Web Excellence award!

Best StartUp Canada Recognition

We were also recognized in the Best Start Up Canada Magazine as one of the top companies in Calgary for not only one but three categories: website development, advertising, and marketing!

We were selected for these categories based on several factors, some of which are our agency’s core values:

  • Innovation
  • Growth
  • Inclusiveness
  • Management
  • Societal Impact

Read more about our Best Start Up Canada recognition here.

Looking Forward to 2022

We are so grateful for all of our successes, learnings, and growth opportunities and the support and trust of all our incredible clients.

Pace Creative is always focused on optimizing marketing budgets and getting ROI and results for our B2B clients.

We are looking forward to continuing our journey in 2022. We can’t wait to keep providing our clients with exceptional customer service thanks to our collaborative, innovative, and inclusive approach!

Check out some photos from our 2021 holiday party below!

b2b marketing agency holiday party b2b marketing agency holiday party b2b marketing agency holiday party

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