We are beyond thrilled and proud to announce that Pace Creative has been featured in the Best Startup Canada Magazine and named as one of the top marketing agencies in Alberta for not only one, but three categories: website development, advertising, and marketing.

Here at Pace Creative, we are a full-service creative agency with talents in a wide scope of services and work, including:

  • Branding
  • Graphic design
  • Web design and development
  • Content development
  • Marketing strategy
  • Digital marketing strategy
  • Outbound marketing
  • Video production
  • AR/VR applications

Our team is as diverse as our portfolio of clients. We service industries such as healthcare, life sciences, non-profit, consumer goods, farming, aerospace, technology, SaaS, to name a few. The team has a solid foundation and experience in partnering with organizations in the start-up stage through to some top global 100 companies.

Pace Creative Group was selected based on exceptional performance in one of the following categories:


We are continuously learning and improving.

We are open to new or modified approaches and responsibly challenging the status quo with ourselves and for our clients.

As a team, one of our strengths is to come up with innovative ideas and concepts to help our client stand out. Our content marketing strategies make sure our clients stand out from the crowd online, on social media, at a virtual events or at trade shows!

Check out our work for DBH in law and Oncolytics in the healthcare sector.


Here are four ways we are achieving marketing-fueled growth:

  1. Partner with clients that believe in our growth strategy
  2. Believe in building marketing legacy and creating a strong foundation to build upon and get it right the first time around
  3. Support one another to leverage our collective genius and achieve our client’s business goals
  4. Leverage documented and data-based growth strategy

To see some of growth metrics we’ve achiever – check out our work for Charli.Ai in SaaS tech and Aggreko in the manufacturing industry.


It takes team filled with different ideas, strengths, interests, and cultural backgrounds to make our agency succeed.

Our agency management team expects inclusivity, while encouraging open and constructive dialogue within the team and with our clients!


We maintain the highest standards of excellence in the quality of our service and responsiveness to customers.

Our tested project processes provide consistent, flexible, and high-quality marketing results!

Societal Impact

At Pace Creative, we are committed to both the highest standards of work and making a positive impact on society because we believe in contributing positively to our clients businesses!

  • Our team is as diverse as the United Nations, with employees from 12 different countries and team members representing the LGBTQ2 community!
  • We partner with various non-profit groups across the country to support their marketing initiatives. This includes the BC’s Office of the Human Rights Commissioner, Representative for Children and Youth, and Volunteer Toronto.

Exciting Future Plans for Pace Creative

Our Website Development Team

Our full in-house team of UI/UX designer and full-stack developers are working on developing a custom software that will transform how restaurants market and connect with their customers.

As of 2021, our full-stack developers have been developing headless websites using a combination of WordPress and other newer technologies to optimize our client’s strategic online presence.

The first website using this strategy was for SaaS company CharliAI and won us a Web Excellence Award in 2021!

Our Advertising Team

Like the other departments at Pace Creative, our advertising team is also growing!

As a full-service agency, we continue to demonstrate expertise in social media, online advertising, and digital advertising to support traditional advertising like print, billboard, television, and radio.

Our most recent integrated campaigns focus more on social media and digital advertising channels to meet specific business goals for our B2B clients.

Our content marketing strategy for Pyure is a great example of integrated marketing at its best! Check out their strategic website now.

Our Agency as a Whole

Pace Creative is growing! We are growing by welcoming new clients in niche B2B industries. For example:

  • Micralyne: a manufacturer of MEMS and micro-fabricated products,
  • Barnes Group: a manufacturer of custom springs for the aerospace industries,
  • Coreio and Sudden: IT services provider servicing Enterprise clients,
  • Dominic Systems: Dynamics CRM integration experts working with manufacturers and distributors in North America,
  • Candeo: an innovative plant growth enhancer derived from volcanic rock material.

Our team is constantly working with niche, disruptive, and innovative businesses with teams that believe in building legacy. We feel so fortunate to be part of our client’s journey to success! We are looking forward to see what new partnerships are in store for our team.

About Best Startup Canada

Best Startup Canada is an online publication that helps promote Canadian businesses and put them on the international stage. They primarily focus on innovative business who excel in their industries and have a beneficial impact on society.

Each year Best Startup Canada awards the most successful start-ups in Canada, with its lists featuring companies who are pushing the limits of innovation to solve critical problems and challenges. Their goal is to accelerate the growth of the foremost Canadian based companies, businesses and innovations by promoting them to the global audience.

This year Pace Creative Group makes this list for their exploits in three categories: website development, advertising and marketing. Pleased and humbled by this latest recognition, Pace Creative Group is ready and eager to deliver to the Canadian market and global stage.

Read the full article here: 46 Top Web Development Startups and Companies in Calgary (2021) – BestStartup.ca.

About Pace Creative

Pace Creative is a full-service communication marketing agency that specializes in all aspects of strategic content, SEO, web development, design, and all aspects of online marketing strategy.

We help clients generate new leads and brand awareness through our strategic landing pages and website programming expertise. Whether that’s dedicated website hosting, custom software development, AR/VR applications, or strategic UI and UX design, we’ve got you covered!

We would love to hear about your online marketing goals and objectives in 2021 and see how we can help your online marketing efforts and maximize your online presence.

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