Writing an eBook can be an exciting, as well as challenging undertaking. We know this, because we recently published an eBook of our own, “How to Pick the Right Agency”. There is no doubt, an extensive amount of work that goes into creating an eBook, so what sort of benefits does producing one yield? For starters, eBooks are an extremely effective component to consider, when building a larger content strategy for your brand. While our eBook has only been available to the public for a month or so, we’ve been reflecting on the different ways that our eBook has improved our company’s lead generation.


Writing an eBook positions your brand as a thought leader.

Ideally, an eBook is a resource for your audience to read through, and then return to later as a point of reference when dealing with a particular issue addressed within. Consider the following when writing your eBook.

  • Is there a problem that currently exists within our industry?
  • What solutions exist for solving this solution.
  • How can we present this solution, so anyone can understand it.

Here at Pace Creative, we’ve heard countless horror stories of clients choosing agencies that did not match their objectives in the slightest. Our hope was that by clarifying what separates the different types of agencies, that other businesses would have an easier time choosing the one right for their needs.


Creates buzz around your brand

The conversations addressed within your eBook are only one piece of the larger discussion that can come from publishing. Releasing an eBook to your audience can be nerve-wracking, but it is an important part of starting an online dialogue, and in turn, help build some buzz around your brand. Posing questions regarding the eBook to your audience is a great way to kickstart some chatter.

  • Who has given our recent eBook a read? Thoughts?
  • What did you think of our latest eBook? What would you like us to discuss next?
  • Is there anything in our eBook that you disagree with? We’re always looking to improve!

The goal is build a level of organic discussion around your eBook, with questions stemming from the material itself.


Generates leads through email addresses

The newsletter is a powerful tool for gaining and retaining customers and clients, but acquiring the email addresses to establish a newsletter can be tricky. Offering up a free, downloadable eBook is a perfect solution to this problem, as there is a clear incentive for the reader to provide their email address in exchange for the eBook.


Helps to further improve your content marketing strategy

eBooks excel as a medium for creating the long form content, necessary for any winning content strategy. All of the information, designs, and resources that went in to creating your eBook don’t have to reside within the eBook alone; instead we recommend drawing from your work to create a plethora of posts for social!

  • Why not post the first page of your eBook to your social media accounts? This can help to encourage your followers to take the plunge and download the eBook.
  • Does your eBook feature some interesting stats or quotes? Clip these out and share them on social!
  • Consider creating a landing page or pop-up on your website that promotes your eBook and offers a link for download.


With this all in mind, eBooks are an extremely worthwhile investment when considering the potential leads they can generate. However, writing, designing, and developing an eBook is an extremely time-consuming task. Luckily you’ve come to the right place, as the team at Pace Creative is more than happy to help you build that perfect eBook to generate leads.


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