Your Thought Leadership is your most valuable asset. We help you use it to your advantage!

A Thought Leadership Program is the best way to build awareness of your brand, strengthen your positioning as the leader in the market and increase engagement with qualified leads. Launching a Thought Leadership Program takes the right planning, targeting, focus and strategy, and we walk you through this.

We encourage micro-scale influencers because they have the advantage of being able to tap into niche markets, and help brands target savvy, hard-to-reach audiences in authentic and engaging ways. Our approach to Thought Leadership marketing reviews each type of influencer carefully to ensure brand alignment. Then, we recommend a strategy tailored to your brand and create messaging aligned with your customer journey, while working within your budget to deliver real, tangible results.

Our programs allow you to:

  • Target the right customer with a meaningful messaging
  • Find the right influencers for your brand
  • Create relevant content/assets

Our services include:

  • Influencer campaign strategy per influencer persona
  • Multi-channel approach using micro-influencers as well as bigger names
  • Data-gathering to identify relevant micro-tribes
  • Creating multiple, targeted campaigns
  • Metric reports tracking genuine engagement
  • Monitor key KPIs to ensure the success of the campaign