CharliAI  is a funded SaaS start-up that focuses on Automated Intelligence for a connected workforce, streamlining day-to-day tasks in the workplace that consume a lot of administration time. Charli is the chief of “stuff” and an organization wizard, working to automate workflow and function as a search engine all in one. The unique technology helps streamline admin tasks for business owners and freelancers to save time.

CharliAI sought out the services of Pace Creative to help reach their goals with a brand new strategic user acquisition SaaS website. We focused on their three initial audiences with room to accommodate future audiences as their business grows.


bounce rate reduced


MQLs per week


increase in returning visitors


With the launch of its beta software, CharliAI wanted to build a new SaaS website to increase conversions and take the business to the next level. With an emphasis on customer success and conversions, our mission was to create an educational platform tailored specifically for CharliAI’s initial three audiences.

  • How do you develop a strategic SaaS website for the launch of a new tech?
  • How to optimize the website to be user-friendly and focus on user-acquisition?
  • How to improve conversions with strategic storytelling?


Strategic Online Insights

Charli’s partnership with Pace Creative revolutionized their web presence, combining advanced technology and innovative expertise to build a compelling narrative that resonates deeply. Our strategic insight into persona creation and customer journey mapping positioned Charli for optimal engagement–transforming online prospects into loyal customers.

Targeting Specific Audiences

Our website is designed to welcome both individual users and larger organizations, providing the perfect onboarding experience for any size team or department.

SaaS Website Strategy

Pace Creative designed a website that includes some key elements:

  1. Streamlined navigation.
  2. Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG).
  3. Dynamic, scalable, flexible, and enhanced UI and UX to support Charli’s online brand evolution.
  4. Establish content to rank for earned Search Engine Optimization (SEO) that will strengthen Charli’s position online.
  5. Calls to action throughout the site that are strategically placed to improve conversion rate.

Optimizing Website Performance

Our development team leveraged the power of Gatsby and WordPress to create a headless CMS-optimized website for maximum online performance.


  • The strategic user-acquisition SaaS website led to Charli’s KPIs consistently being met since it launched in September 2020.
  • Since the launch of the new website, which key goal was to attract leads and communicate Charli’s new brand, online goals have been met, generating significantly more leads. A recent Segment report shows that the website has generated a total of 185,330 APIs!
  • Charli’s SaaS website has won an award for its successes! Check out the accolade.

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