SpectrumWorks Consulting – Branding and Content Strategy

SpectrumWorks is a management consulting firm that aims to emphasize the strengths and contributions of adults with autism spectrum disorders in the workplace so that they can succeed.

PLHM LLP – Website Design and Development

PLHM Law is a mid-size law firm with 17 lawyers specialized in litigation in Calgary, AB. PLHM had no marketing strategy in place; clients would find the firm through word of mouth.

Pota – Branding and Website

Pota Inc., a division of Stratis Capital, needed to introduce their new brand as an agency of natural and organic products to meet the needs of evolving consumer preferences in the beverage industry. Focused on distributing brands that are created with a pure and authentic approach, Pota Inc. sought to highlight the wholesome, clean ingredients that millennial consumers are seeking.

E*TRADE Corporate Services – ABM Campaign using Augmented Reality

E*TRADE is a leading financial services company, providing a best-in-class stock plan administration technology that has been ranked the #1 platform of its kind eight years running. A key differentiator is their “tech-first” competitive advantage, a strength which we wanted to focus on when working on the E*TRADE account-based marketing (ABM) campaign using augmented reality.

Schneider Electric – Product Launch Video (XW Pro)

Schneider Electric is a leading manufacturer in solar energy power products in North America and around the world. To keep its market positioning as a leader, the company launched its new inverter ConextTM CL125, which offers a complete photovoltaic (PV) power plant solution for utility-scale projects systems. To promote the inverter, Schneider Electric wanted to create a product launch marketing video that would be played at trade shows to create a buzz and added to its website.

BC Hydro – Retailer Campaign

Each year, BC Hydro runs a Power Smart energy campaign in partnership with retailers across the province including Best Buy, Lowe’s, The Home Depot, London Drugs, and Canadian Tire. In previous years, the campaign did not reach the goal conversion rate. BC Hydro decided to work in close collaboration with Pace Creative to come up with an ad campaign for print, OOH, online, social media, and digital channels throughout BC.

Aggreko – Product Launch Campaign

With summer approaching, Aggreko sought to increase sales of their water-cooler chillers. How to help Aggreko build awareness and educate customers to increase sales?

CharliAI – User-Acquisition Website (SaaS)

Charli AI is a start-up SaaS technology company that focuses on Automated Intelligence for a connected workforce, streamlining day-to-day tasks in the workplace that consume a lot of administration time. We helped Charli AI maximize their customer acquisition strategies by helping them develop their strategic user acquisition website.

Micralyne – Online Content Marketing and Website

Micralyne is a leading independent Microelectromechanical Systems (MEMS) and microfabrication foundry. They have been a highly competent and trusted MEMS fabrication partner of leading high-tech companies for more than 30 years, helping to develop and reliably manufacture some of the smallest actuators, sensors, and 3D mechanical structures in existence.

FirstMate – Brand Awareness Video

FirstMate is a growing Canadian manufacturer of cat and dog foods. One of their major differentiators is their use of a Vacuum Infusion System (VIS) in the production of their high quality canned and kibble pet food diets.

Coreio – Lead Generation Campaign (SaaS)

Coreio is an IT company that provides enterprise-scale IT infrastructure and operations services. Pace Creative helped them create an inbound marketing campaign that consisted of developing an IT lead generation strategy.

NICE CXone – Ebook Design

NICE CXone is a leading B2B SaaS (software as a service) company, providing cloud-based call center software to enterprise, government organizations and businesses. Using a wide variety of strategic content assets, Pace Creative developed a campaign to build brand awareness and promote their Agent Experience (AX) assessment and Chatbot services.

Cutera – 3D Product Launch Video

Cutera has a distribution agreement in North America for the micro needling product, Secret RF.

ABC Communications – Ad Campaigns

ABC Communications (ABC) is a local internet service provider in Northern British Columbia (ABC). The CEO of ABC Communications, Bob, hired Pace Creative to set in to develop a content marketing strategy and execute quarterly campaign strategies using marketing channels such as print, OOH (out-of-home) marketing, and introducing ad channels online, on social media, and using other digital methods throughout Northern BC.

Viterra – Newsletter

Viterra, headquarted in Regina, Saskatchewan, is a leading marketer and handler of grains, oilseeds, and pulses.

BD – Mobile Application

BD is a global medical technology (MedTech) company that develops innovative solutions to improve medical discovery and the delivery of care. Pace Creative helped them to develop a mobile application that assesses the risk of exposure and contamination for hazardous drugs throughout their life cycle, from their time of delivery to a healthcare setting to their ultimate use and disposal.

Spalding – Online Content Marketing and Website

Spalding SSD was established in Calgary, Alberta and has been providing doors and entryway solutions to Alberta and Western Canada since 1952. Spalding fabricates, manufactures, and distributes doors, frames, and access control systems for schools, hospitals, and municipalities.

Microcollege – Branding and Website

MicroCollege, an extension of Honors Pathway, started as a pilot project in 2017 and established itself as a social venture. MicroCollege’s vision is to build brand equity by leading college pathway program for high school students. Pace Creative worked with their executive team to develop a unique higher education brand promise. This includes, but not limited to, the logo design, typography, color palette, positioning statement and values.

Glassworld – B2B Manufacturing Marketing Strategy

Glassworld designs, manufactures, sells and installs a wide variety of custom bathroom products. As new builders are entering the real estate residential market, they wanted to be easy to find. Pace Creative created a new website for them to take advantage of SEO, support online bill payments, and sact as a user-friendly product catalogue.

FirstMate – Newsletter

FirstMate is a family owned and operated manufacturer of dog and cat foods in Canada with headquarters in Deep Cove, British Columbia. As part of its customer retention strategy, FirstMate sends a monthly e-newsletter to its clients to keep them informed about new product launches, product updates, social media contests, and new blog posts.

Coal Association of Canada – Website Redesign

The Coal Association of Canada (CAC) proactively support the Coal Association members in the development, growth and advancement of a safe, socially responsible and economically sustainable Canadian coal industry. Pace Creative worked with the CAC to strategically redesign and develop their new website.

Hitachi Vantara – Enterprise Cost Calculator

Hitachi Vantara is a leader in data solutions. They help forward-thinking enterprises leverage their data to drive profit and gain a competitive advantage.

FirstMate – Can Packaging Design

FirstMate is a family owned and operated manufacturer of cat and dog foods in Canada. FirstMate offers a variety of quality canned and kibble pet food diets with options such as Grain Friendly, Grain Free, and Limited Ingredient Diet. Their proteins are free-run and wild caught.

Sysmex Inostics – HubSpot Website Design and Development

As a new subsidiary of Sysmex Corporation, Sysmex Inostics needed an agency partner to help them develop a website, using HubSpot, with a clean design and branding that was consistent with Sysmex Corporation’s other subsidiary websites. Pace Creative created a new site with an optimized site map, new Look and Feel, and a large amount of high-value content as part of a content-driven strategy.

TmaxSoft – Lead Generation Campaign for Enterprise Software

TmaxSoft is a software company that helps its customers manage their critical data. To keep up with an emergence of competitive software companies and a changing market and technology, TmaxSoft CEO wanted way to increase revenue by getting more marketing-qualified leads (MQLs). Pace Creative came up with a strategic plan to drive prospects to an SEO optimized landing page with gated assets to capture leads using Marketo.

Waterstreet Technology – Content Marketing Strategy

Waterstreet Technologies is a SaaS providing a cloud-based franchise management software for field service companies. Pace Creative created a new website, established a social media presence, and curated a content calendar in order to stay engaged with their target audience.

Siemens Financial Services – Event Strategy

Siemens Financial Services (SFS) is a division of Siemens that offers financing solutions to its B2B customers such as infrastructure, sustainable energy production, healthcare and manufacturing. In November 2017, nearly 200 international Siemens sales staff met in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Siemens partnered with Pace Creative to brand the event, as well as create and manage the event collateral to make the event memorable.

FirstMate – Packaging Design

FirstMate is one of Canada’s fastest growing manufacturer of cat and dog foods.

FirstMate offers a variety of quality dog and cat canned and kibble pet food diets, and recently launched their new product line of dog treats.

IQVIA – Inbound Lead Generation Campaign

IQVIA, headquartered in Durham, North Carolina, is a global leader in the use of big data in the healthcare industry. Their Human Data Science initiative combines health science and data science to help researchers and developers in the healthcare sector better predict the needs of patients. This way, healthcare companies can maximize their return on investment.

Schneider Electric – Product Launch Video (Conext)

Schneider Electric is a leader in solar energy power products in North America and around the world. To keep its market positioning as a leader, the company launched its new inverter ConextTM CL125, which offers a complete photovoltaic (PV) power plant solution for utility-scale projects systems. To promote the inverter, Schneider Electric wanted to create a product launch video that would be played at tradeshows and added to its website.

Aggreko – ARM Infographic

Aggreko specializes in power generation, heating and cooling, and oil-free compressed air rental for construction sites on a global scale.

Siemens Financial Services – Trade Show Strategy

Siemens Financial Services, a division of Siemens, offers financing solutions to its B2B customers such as infrastructure, energy product, healthcare and manufacturing. In April of 2019, Siemens was the primary sponsor at the Association for Corporate Growth’s (ACG’s) annual InterGrowth Conference. Siemens worked in close collaboration with Pace Creative to develop the theme, messaging, look and feel, and collateral for the event.

Microserve – Inbound Lead Generation Campaign

Microserve is a proven industry leader in the delivery of IT solutions to organizations across Western Canada. They needed to increase brand awareness and lead generation for their data-storage solutions, all while highlighting their outstanding customer service.

Collingwood BIA – Branding

Collingwood is an inclusive neighborhood and is one of the oldest districts in Vancouver, with many historical buildings and a strong community that is proud of their heritage.

City of Abbotsford – Infographic

Abbotsford is a city located in the Fraser Valley region of British Columbia, adjacent to Greater Vancouver. The City of Abbotsford needed a visually stimulating infographic positioning the city as a proactive, diverse, and engaging business community that would convince investors to take notice.

BD – Will Call Video

Learn how our animated product launch video helped healthcare company BD effectively showcase their latest and innovative medtech solution.

Volunteer Toronto – Volunteer Week Video

Volunteer Toronto is a non-profit and charitable organization. As Canada’s largest volunteer centre in Toronto, they wanted to celebrate and thank all the volunteers with an engaging short video for National Volunteer week in April.

CharliAI – Animated User Case Video

CharliAI is a software company that focuses on Intelligent Automation for a connected workforce, streamlining day-to-day tasks that consume a lot of administration time. With the launch of their user-acquisition website, they wanted an animated product explainer video and demonstrate in a user-centric way how the features and benefits of the app work in real life scenarios.

FoodChek Systems – 3D Virtual Lab Simulation Application

FoodChek Laboratories Inc. is a state-of-the-art biotechnology research and development laboratory specializing in the development and validation of methods that detect microbial pathogens.

CharliAI – Animated Product Explainer Video

CharliAI is a new SaaS product that helps improve work efficiency and streamlines workflow by automating tasks across digital platforms. To help make the launch more successful and explain their product, Charli needed an animated user guide video to help demonstrate the features and benefits to B2B and B2C customers.

Candeo – Branding and Content Marketing

As a start-up company, Candeo needed a strong brand presence to get potential product testers to sign up for an early adopter partnership at the Grower Summit in Monterey California.

NxStage Masterguard – Virtual Reality Application

NxStage Medical is an American medical company specializing in systems for treating kidney-related diseases.

Microserve Partnership – Lead Generation Campaign

Microserve, headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia, provides managed IT services to mid-sized and large businesses in Western Canada. A leading information technology company partnered with Microserve to develop a strategic and targeted lead generation campaign to promote the cost of IT to businesses. To communicate clearly the common IT risks and the cost to businesses, Pace Creative developed a customized assessment tool combined with a calculator to generate the cost.

DBH Law – Branding Strategy

DBH Law is a mid-sized law firm that has been in business in Calgary for over 17 years. Their motto, “We think law. We talk business.” illustrates their focus on corporate law.

Oncolytics Biotech – Content Marketing Strategy

Oncolytics Biotech is a Calgary-based biotechnology company focused on the development of oncolytic viruses as potential therapeutics for use in a broad range of cancers.

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