Coreio is an Ontario-based IT company that that specializes in giving their clients a path to digital transformation. From decades of experience, they can help fine-tune business operations by providing tailored IT infrastructure and operations solutions to address top IT challenges for enterprise systems.

With Coreio’s new partnership with Microsoft for their Digital Workplace solution, Coreio wanted to invest in inbound marketing and SaaS lead generation. From our perspective, this meant creating a landing page and whitepaper to support the partnership. Coreio wanted to use the landing page to gain qualified leads for the sales team and improve their company’s brand awareness.


average MQLs per month


increase in engagement


increase in sales


Coreio invested in their growth with an inbound marketing campaign to increase SaaS lead generation with customer-centric content.

  • How to develop a lead-generation campaign to promote digital workplace IT services?
  • How to increase qualified leads with an inbound marketing campaign?
  • How to develop a customer-centric content strategy?


SaaS Lead Generation Campaign

To realize higher ROI potential through a customized lead generation campaign, Pace Creative leveraged its expertise and strategic insights. This collaboration supports Coreio’s ongoing mission of driving brand recognition and growth.

Strategic Landing Page

We crafted a strategic landing page around the concept of storytelling based on customer personas and journeys. Our goal was to bring an innovative approach that puts customers first – demonstrating how The Modern Workplace can unlock newfound value in their lives. The landing page includes some best practices to help with conversion such as:

  • Streamlined and user-friendly navigation that follows website best practices and Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG).
  • Calls to action (CTA) and service benefits throughout the Digital Workplace landing page were strategically placed to improve results.

Crafting a Content Marketing Strategy and White Paper

Pace Creative enabled Coreio to build an online presence, complete with high-value content designed for lead generation. By focusing on the customer’s needs and wants, they developed a white paper combining educational material and research outlining how Coreio could transform client workspaces into secure digital spaces.


  • The strategic SaaS lead generation landing page and content marketing strategy led to an increase in consistent lead generation and awareness about Coreio’s partnership with Microsoft.
  • 2000 increase in leads
  • Coreio receives on average7 MQLs each month! The campaign is a success!

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