E.B Horsman & Son (E.B. Horsman), as an electrical products supplier since 1900, is a pre-qualified supplier of these products.

The BC government has launched a program to support the purchase of energy efficient LED streetlighting across BC municipalities. BC is the first province in Canada to offer municipalities and broader public sector organizations the opportunity to select from a shortlist of pre-qualified LED streetlight products.

EB Horsman wanted to be a top contender in answering the supply call for LED streetlights and needed a digital marketing campaign to generate B2B leads.

E.B. Horsman wanted to use this lead generation campaign to:

  • Make the case for their LED streetlight partner Philips Lumec
  • Explain why E.B. Horsman should be their preferred supplier
  • Convince them to start implementing LED streetlights now

Faced with the challenge to secure contracts with at least 2-3 local municipalities each year, E.B. Horsman needed an effective B2B digital marketing campaign to generate B2B leads and achieve their objectives.


yearly sales quotas


local municipalities secured in under 1 month


new visitors to landing page


With this new opening in the market, EB Horsman needed to figure out how to make themselves stand out so they can become the reliable partner for BC municipalities.

  • How to help a BC electrical supplier generate B2B leads and sign deals with 2-3 local municipalities each year?
  • How to create valuable and informational content to appeal to decision makers in local municipalities?
  • While municipalities are aware of the LED program, overall LED benefits and likely the Philips Lumec product line, how to convince decision-makers that E.B. Horsman would be the right distributor to work with?
  • How to ensure the designs are 508 and WCAG compliant with accessibility guidelines?


Business Review

We conducted and a documented business review to understand the profile, sales journey, touch points, and decision-making process.

Strategizing to Generate B2B Leads

Our strategy was to centre the campaign around a landing page with an interactive assessment tool that includes custom and branded illustrations. The concept as well as the design strategy are unique to help EB Horsman stand out in the industry.

Promotional Plan

We used paid promotions as well as direct mail to reach the right decision makers for municipalities.

Landing Page

Designed an interactive LED Streetlight Solution Builder for municipalities to receive customized reports based on their input.

SEO Strategy

We developed the solution builder to ensure the campaign’s online presence is discoverable through search engine optimization.

Campaign Strategy

In ensuring the campaign is a success, we ensured we used an integrated channel approach and included a wide range of marketing channels. We created consistent, added value and relevant content for each channel – all of which is strategic and aligned.

Channels included:

  • Direct mail
  • Blogs
  • Landing Page
  • LinkedIn Sponsored Story

Campaign Performance

We monitor and analyze the performance of the marketing campaign, including organic and paid traffic. We promote the campaign throughout the year.


The comprehensive, targeted, and data-driven campaign specifically designed to address the challenges faced by E.B. Horsman proved highly effective in driving sales and generating B2B leads.

E.B. Horsman has established itself as the preferred LED street lighting supplier for local governments in in British Columbia and continues to expand its market share. With a well-structured, engaging, and informative approach, E.B. Horsman demonstrates the importance of marketing in attaining business objectives and engaging with its target audience.

By leveraging an integrated marketing approach, valuable and informational content, and easy-to-use Solution Builder tool, EB Horsman was able to meet the challenges faced and generate impressive results in a short amount of time.

Through the digital marketing campaign, E.B. Horsman achieved the following results
Greater brand awareness among local municipalities
Drastic increase in sales for Philips Lumec products year-over-year
Quarterly sales quota achieved within one month
Yearly sales quota exceeded by more than 8x from local government contracts
Continuous running of the successful marketing campaign for over three years

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