E*TRADE is a leading financial services company, providing a best-in-class stock plan administration technology that has been ranked the #1 platform of its kind for eight years running. A key differentiator is their “tech-first” competitive advantage, a strength that we wanted to focus on when working on the E*TRADE account-based marketing (ABM) campaign using augmented reality (AR) to appeal to new prospects.

As part of the digital ABM campaign, they came to use for fintech lead generation strategies that would set them apart from their competitors. We proposed several novelty technologies, including AR in digital marketing.


clients targeted each quarter


qualified leads per quarter


increased engagement at tradeshows


Embracing a futuristic approach, they used AR in digital marketing by providing their target audience with tech savvy glasses which showcased E*TRADE’s solutions in an interactive way while communicating essential messages.

  • What fintech lead generation strategies will work best when translated into Augmented Reality?
  • How can we create a direct mail ABM campaign that will impact E*TRADE high-potential prospects?
  • How to communicate E*TRADE’s key messaging in a unique and engaging way?
  • How to develop AR glasses with a custom informational E*TRADE app to be sent to prospects?


Augmented Reality Experience Strategy

Based on the theme of the campaign and E*TRADE’s business, the client felt that an AR experience aligned best with the campaign’s concept. Our team conducted research on the best AR glasses to meet the overall campaign goals.

User-Centric AR Experience

Our team thought of all facets when crafting our AR campaign for the best user experience possible – from automated transitions to background opacity and even auto-launch. By considering not only varying environmental factors but also comfort with new technology, we delivered clear messaging across multiple channels in a delightful way that guaranteed satisfaction!

Fintech Lead Generation Campaign Strategy

We create 3 distinct campaign phases to build a strong relationship with prospects:

Phase 1 – Teaser piece – The teaser piece had prospects intrigued as they eagerly anticipated what was to come – an exciting direct mail package containing a hidden message card, offering them a glimpse at the full content.

Phase 2 – Direct mail package – Each of our high-potential prospects will receive a personalized, interactive augmented reality experience delivered directly to their door. This innovative package is sure to leave an unforgettable impression!

Phase 3 – Follow up – To ensure success of the campaign concept, a nurture strategy was employed to keep leads engaged and invested always in line with the campaign concept.


  • This fintech lead generation project was completed with such success that all details were streamlined to ensure repeated execution of the campaign on a quarterly basis.
  • Our team was asked to repurpose the app for the annual E*TRADE Financial Services conference.
  • Targeted over 20 clients each quarter
  • Generated 2 qualified leads per quarter
  • +1000% B2B engagement at tradeshows

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