Maskell Plenzik & Partners Engineering Inc. (MP&P) is an electrical consulting engineering firm based in Western Canada. The firm is employee-owned and provides a broad range of services and solutions based on experience and innovation. MP&P’s engineering design expertise allows their team to provide innovative ideas about new products for lighting, security, and sustainable designs!

MP&P wants to invest in their content marketing so their clients to be aware of the full spectrum of electrical consulting engineering services they offer. The goal of this customer centric content strategy project was to develop user-centric content and marketing materials to build credibility and establish thought leadership for MP&P.


sales each year


returning clients


growth in revenue


MP&P wanted to act more like a thought leader in the industry and be a true industry competitor. They needed a customer centric content plan with a focus on the customer journey, key messaging, and recommended marketing channels.

  • How to position MP&P to stand out from other electrical consulting engineering firms?
  • How to create a customer-centric marketing strategy that speaks to clients’ needs?
  • How to establish MP&P as a thought leader in the electrical engineering industry?
  • How to optimize the website and create content to align with the content strategy?
  • How to utilize outbound marketing to support MP&P growth objectives?


Customer Centric Content Marketing Strategy

We helped MP&P lead customers from their original project engagement to additional complementary electrical services. Our content strategy entails the use of key messaging, and customer mindsets, as well as determining how to distribute the content.

Our content strategy delivers the information clients are looking for when they need, it, and encourages them to get in touch with MP&P.

B2B Customer Journey Map

When progressing with our content strategy, we considered the customer journey, and how to implement this analysis into our content strategy. This would help us develop content for MP&P’s target audience of architects, building engineering groups, building owners, public companies, and commercial business owners.

In our customer journey recap, the decision-making journey is presented in this order:


The client identifies a problem that needs to be solved, and they seek potential solutions. They evaluate potential partners, choose a partner, and they undergo the project. Referrals determine how the client keeps in touch with partners. We also consider the customer journey from the perspective of MP&P, and how they can utilize their actions, strategies, and materials to help the client.

Business Review and Marketing Audit

Pace Creative developed a business review. During the process, we established MP&P’s business model, goals, challenges, target audience, and existing marketing materials. The information gathered combined with industry research was used to recommend how to optimize the customer journey.

The first priority was to creating a central knowledge hub for marketing which entailed optimizing the website. In addition, we suggested producing content to convert, such as a blog or resource center on the website. Lastly, distributing and promoting this content through a newsletter or social channels.

Website Optimization and Content Development

Pace Creative’s content strategy also entailed the optimization of MP&P’s website to allow content to rank on search engines, be used in online promotions, convince prospects to take the next steps, and help customers stay in touch and facilitate referrals. The website optimization included an optimized site map, making it more customer-centric to show customers what MP&P does.

Distributing and Promoting Content to Marketing Channels

When it was time to distribute the content, Pace Creative considered a newsletter and various social media channels. A newsletter would provide customer service, stay top of mind and in touch with clients, provide referrals, and allow cross-promotion of other channels.

We recommended Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, as well as Instagram depending on resources for visual content, as potential social channels for MP&P. It allows for a variety of ways to distribute the content, by using short yet engaging posts for Twitter or detailed and informative captions for LinkedIn.

We presented these options to MP&P to be implemented in our developed customer centric content strategy.


  • On June 1st, 2022, MP&P was purchased by MCW Group of Companies, a national, multi-disciplinary engineering practice, and is now known as MP&P: Powered by MCW
  • Based on the marketing plan, MP&P had to hire an internal marketing position to support the planning and execution of the marketing plan while managing other business priorities.
  • Partners dedicated 20% of their time to marketing activities to support the business growth.

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