Mr. Swirl, The Friendly Plumber is a fun, locally owner and operated company that provides reliable plumbing services to residential and commercial customers in the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley in British Columbia.

Mr. Swirl had recently launched a new brand and website using a local advertising agency. While they were happy with the look and feel, the website was not meeting their local lead generation goals. In a competitive market, it was important for Mr. Swirl to identify its key strengths and points of differentiation to cement their position as ‘the friendly plumber’ throughout Vancouver and the Lower Mainland area.


revenue each month


MQLs each month thru organic SEO


brand awareness thru organic reach


  • How to use content marketing, social media, and a website to increase local lead generation?
  • How to get the website to stand out online amongst a competitive local trades industry?
  • How to build online credibility to encourage online leads to book an appointment?
  • How to build a relationship with the client prior to even having a plumber show up through content marketing?


Developing the Local Lead Generation Strategy

Pace Creative worked closely with Mr. Swirl to rewrite the content and update the design of their new website to include a content marketing strategy.

Content Marketing and Promotion Strategy

Once the website was updated, with a user-centric site map and navigation, as well as the right content on the right page, Pace Creative worked with Mr. Swirl to implement a Pay Per Click campaign to increase their daily number of phone call inquiries.

Social media Strategy

A social media strategy was developed to improve brand awareness in local communities in Vancouver and the greater area, customer engagement and SEO whilst enhancing overall positive sentiment about the brand.

Some of the key items we then produced include:

  • Optimized online presence to include an SEO strategy to rank organically for specific keywords
  • Included a blog that all the plumbers would contribute to, optimized for search.
  • Social media channels and strategy to capitalize off gaining new awareness and maintaining relationships with existing clients.
  • Promotional tactics such as online paid advertising, event sponsorships, networking, timely service, and excellent customer service.


  • Developed new content for the website for the homepage that ranked for local organic searches.
  • Developed content for new pages such as: ‘You Approve the Price’ and ‘Highly Trained and Trusted Technicians’.
  • Developed content for 2 new blogs to develop targeted campaigns with associated social media posts to drive social media viewers to the website.
  • 200% more website viewers generated from local lead generation project
  • #1 trusted plumbing company in Vancouver in 2017

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