How Writing a B2B Marketing eBook will Improve Lead Generation

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December 19, 2022

Knowing how to generate B2B leads consistently should be one of your priorities to support your business growth. What have you tried in the past? Have you been successful?

To help create content that generates leads and builds brand thought leadership and credibility, we have put together a few helpful tips that ensure our clients get qualified leads consistently and meet their revenue targets and grow.

If you are looking for a new type of content to increase brand thought leadership and generate leads, a B2B marketing eBook may be your company’s next perfect B2B brand awareness campaign!

What is a B2B Marketing eBook?

According to Wikipedia, an eBook is a book publication made in digital form, consisting of text, image, or both, and is readable on electronic devices.

The purpose of developing an eBook should always be strategic! It’s about enhancing lead generation – AKA the conversion of prospects into customers. Your goal when writing an eBook should be to nurture the interest of potential customers who are already aware of your business and what problems you solve. Ultimately, you want to engage these prospects and convert them into clients!

Benefits of Creating a B2B Marketing eBook

Writing an eBook can be an exciting and challenging undertaking. We know this because we recently published our B2B marketing eBook, “How to Pick the Right Agency”. We also saw the benefits firsthand! We saw how eBooks impact lead generation and create an opportunity for B2B businesses to experiment and get their work in front of the right people.



An eBook is a strategic content marketing asset. Undoubtedly, it entails an extensive amount of work to create it! So, what sort of benefits does an eBook produce?

eBooks are extremely effective content assets as part of a content marketing strategy for your brand. It allows a good balance of content and visual communication elements; it’s more in-depth than a blog post or an infographic but more quickly readable than a white paper, a guide, or a publication.

Newsletters are a powerful tool for gaining and retaining customers and clients but acquiring the email addresses to establish a newsletter can be tricky. Offering up a free, downloadable eBook is a perfect solution to this problem as there is a clear incentive for the reader to provide their email address in exchange for the eBook.

To get an idea of what a B2B marketing eBook design may look like, check out Pace Creative’s recently released eBook titled “How to Pick the Right Agency”.



Read on to find out why you should consider writing an eBook for your company.

Why Writing an eBook Strengthens your Brand Thought Leadership

Ideally, an eBook is a resource for your audience to read through and then return to later as a point of reference when dealing with a particular business challenge you addressed. If you want to make an impact with your content, don’t sell – instead, educate! This is the basis of brand thought leadership.

If you take a thought leadership approach to your content development strategy, it can set you apart from your competitors, establish your brand as the authoritative figure in your niche, build credibility and create trust between you and your target audience.

Consider the following questions when writing your B2B marketing eBook.

  • What business problem currently exists within our industry?
  • What solutions exist for solving this solution?
  • How can we present our solution so that anyone can understand it?

For Pace Creative’s eBook, the business challenge we wanted to address was the fragmentation of marketing and how to find the right marketing agency.

For example, for a full-service marketing communications agency, a common industry challenge is the fragmentation of marketing. Marketing has a wide range of promotional channels where agencies offer different services, and consultants have different knowledge and expertise. In this case… how do you find the correct marketing support to match your vision and business outcomes?

Some companies hire tactical agencies and build an in-house team of marketing specialists to manage their vendors, freelancers, relationships, and agencies. Others hire one single full-service strategic agency that is the right fit and hire a fractional CMO to lead the strategy, which can handle their need and track their marketing performance and everything in between!

Our eBook is intended to assist the account executive in making the right choice. The executive should understand their unique branding, marketing, and communications needs. Hiring an agency partner should be a two-way interview to see if it’s the right fit!

Read our B2B marketing eBook to help with this process!

Creates B2B Brand Awareness and Generates Leads

The content in your eBook is only one piece of the more extensive discussion that can come from your campaign. Releasing an eBook that will resonate with your audience can be nerve-wracking. Still, it is a strategic part of starting an online dialogue. It helps build some buzz around your brand and fosters B2B brand awareness.

The goal is to build an organic online discussion around your eBook and increase engagement by promoting it using an integrated campaign approach. For that to be successful, the topic of your eBook should be strategic and aligned with your customized content marketing strategy.

With all of this in mind, eBooks are evidently an extremely worthwhile investment considering the potential leads they can generate. To this end, writing, designing, and developing an eBook can be highly time-consuming. Luckily, you’ve come to the right place, as the team at Pace Creative is more than happy to help you build that perfect B2B marketing eBook to generate leads. Contact us to learn more. Get in touch if you are ready to grow.

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