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Our team of content marketing pioneers has worked with major manufacturing companies in industries such as organic products, healthcare, pet foods, construction, energy, transportation, and logistics. We have an in-depth understanding of the manufacturing mindset and the marketing challenges manufacturing companies must overcome.

The way companies build meaningful relationships with customers today is changing. The traditional marketing-and-sales approach is not as effective. We work with our manufacturing clients to shift their mindset and introduce content marketing strategies that appeal to multi-level roles within their target audience.

Whether you are speaking to a distributor, an enterprise, a contractor, or directly to a customer, we help you craft content that resonates with and engages with your specific target audience. Only 30% of marketers in manufacturing believe their content marketing efforts are successful – Pace Creative can help you get there!


  • Are you looking for creative ways to market your product or service?
  • Are you struggling with converting your leads into customers?
  • Do you need help finding new ways to target your potential leads organically?
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Aggreko – Product Launch Campaign

With summer approaching, Aggreko sought to increase sales of their water-cooler chillers.

How to help Aggreko build awareness and educate customers to increase sales?

We developed a global marketing campaign to attract leads.

As part of our campaign, we included customer education about water-cooled versus air-cooled chillers to help customers decide between the two.

Our goal was to deliver to the sales team ready-to-close leads.

To meet our goal, we created content around four stages of the customer journey and defined key messaging at each stage.

With Aggreko’s approval of the proposed assets, we created and launched the assets across multiple channels, including video, social media, direct mail, email, a microsite, and more.

We wrote, animated, and produced four promotional videos to educate customers about the water-cooled chillers to drive users from Youtube to the online calculator and to a gated landing page.

Using engaging digital and social media ads, we drove users to a microsite that hosted the videos for the assessment tool.

With the assessment tool, we could show potential customers the cost savings they could enjoy if they used a specific chiller.

Our launch playbook helped us get the external and internal sales team on board with the campaign and with the key messages to use at each stage of the sale cycle to help close the deal.

Aggreko tested the campaign for the Australian market in 2016.

Pace Creative and Aggreko launched the campaign in all of North America in March 2017.

The campaign was localized for the South American markets and was launched in April 2017.

The campaign was localized for the UK market and was launched in June 2017.

The next campaign we are working on is a gamification contest to motivate Aggreko employees to share company assets such as client testimonials and newly installed generator videos and product pictures.

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