Kindred Construction is a full-service construction company in Vancouver that delivers commercial, mixed-use, multi-family, and institutional projects. They have over 40 years of technical expertise and unwavering dedication to our clients, partners, and teams. Kindred has focused primarily on residential projects, construction services, and design-build for projects in the commercial, residential, and institutional sectors.

As part of Kindred’s brand evolution, Kindred decided to invest in a website refresh to reflect the needs of the evolving market and position them for growth in the future. Pace Creative partner to redesign the website to bring Kindred’s brand identity to life in a modern and dynamic way.


reduced website bounce rate


average minutes on site


site visitors in first month of launch


Kindred’s previous website was designed as a simple brochure website over a decade ago. With this website refresh they wanted their online presence to reflect who they were as a current company. A few of their objectives were to showcase their visionary team and leverage user interactivity and user experience-based strategies. They also wanted to optimize the website to rank for organic SEO, include conversion points, relevant content, and integrate the brand messaging and unify it with other marketing channels.

  • How to complete a website refresh to reflect and revitalize Kindred’s brand and increase brand awareness?
  • How to convert traffic into new leads?
  • How to attract and engage qualified talent?


Website Refresh Methodology

The goal was to make the website less static and more interactive and improve the look and feel of the website to better reflect Kindred’s brand. Kindred refined its brand purpose, aligned its internal operations, and designed its new logo which would be implemented by Pace Creative.

User-Centric Website Redesign

Pace Creative started the website redesign initiative for Kindred by developing a sitemap, converting the content into UX-centric wireframes, and eventually implementing them into the website.

A user-experience based design was considered to improve the overall relevance and usability of the website. Here is the design process we followed:

SEO Strategy

Pace Creative helped optimize Kindred’s new website to allow it to be user-friendly, and to improve the traffic of the website. An SEO strategy would be implemented to achieve better website traffic, as well as utilize keyword-rich content. We underwent a site audit and review and then carried out keyword optimization to implement this strategy for Kindred’s website.

Website Development

When undergoing the website development for Kindred, we wanted the website to be content-rich and compelling to attract talent and leads.

The new website goal is to get result, which means converting traffic into new leads. As Kindred is growing, it needs to attract talent and new potential employees. We provided an accessible call-to-action, in which the contact page could also redirect users to the careers section and offer job descriptions for prospects looking to work with Kindred. We wanted the overall website to be informative, engaging, and accessible for users.


Following this strategic website refresh:

  • Kindred and Pace Creative worked together to develop a Kindred custom homes website
  • Kindred’s new website has a bounce rate from 89% to 55%!
  • The average time on the website sits around 1 minute and 24 seconds
  • Nearly 400 users over the past month!
  • Kindred ranks first for SEO when searched on Google

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