Product Launch Video for SaaS Marketing


With Charli, a new SaaS technology, businesses can optimize workflows and maximize efficiency with just a few clicks. Pace Creative partnered with Charli to produce a product launch video designed to effectively market the new technology using story telling.

Animated Marketing Video for SaaS


Charli is a software company that focuses on Intelligent Automation for a connected workforce, streamlining day-to-day tasks. To increase brand and product awareness, we created an animated marketing video for them.

New Product Launch Video for Energy Industry

Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric is a global leader in solar energy power products. As part of their product launch campaign, they wanted a new product launch video to help communicate important specs in a captivating way.

Video Production in Digital Marketing for Nonprofit

Volunteer Toronto

Volunteer Toronto is a nonprofit and charitable organization making waves in Canada’s largest city. They reached out to use our video production in digital marketing services in creating a core content marketing asset for their brand.

Ad Campaign Strategy and Product Awareness Campaign for IT


Dell, a leading information technology company sought new ways to build its brand awareness and develop custom ad content targeting specific groups of consumers. They sought out our services to develop an ad campaign strategy to increase product awareness and grow their client base.

Lead Generation for Tech Companies Project


Microserve offers specialized support backed by custom solutions within the tech space – all with a personal touch that only comes from being an independent company. Engaging in a new-found partnership, Microserve reached out to us for a campaign based in lead generation for tech companies.

Inbound Lead Generation for ITSP

Microserve & IBM

As a full-service IT service provider to clients of all sizes and sectors alike, Microserve’s commitment to excellence is unparalleled – always striving for new milestones with continuous innovation at its core. After receiving marketing funds from IBM, the CMO at Microserve hired Pace Creative to create an effective inbound lead generation tool focused on data-storage solutions.

Local Lead Generation for Trades Company

Mr Swirl

Mr. Swirl, The Friendly Plumber is a fun, locally owner and operated company that provides reliable plumbing services to residential and commercial customers. They came to us in search of local lead generation strategies.

Marketing for Government Agencies Project

Collingwood BIA

Collingwood BIA represents retailers and residents of the Collingwood neighborhood in Vancouver. We partnered with their community organization to refresh their brand identity and modernize how they conduct their work!

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