PLHM LLP (PLHM) is a mid-sized law firm in Calgary, Alberta that specializes in litigation and dispute resolution services who came to Pace Creative for help with their law firm branding.

The firm was founded in 1994 by PLHM’s most senior founding member, J. Patrick Peacock, QC (Retired) who established himself as one of Alberta’s top litigation and dispute resolution counsel for over 50 years. Peacock’s vision was to provide litigation service to the Calgary legal and business communities. Being in the litigation business for more than 20 years, the firm acquired business primarily through word-of-mouth referrals.

In 2015, PLHM Law went through a new merger, leaving their brand and website out of date. Pace Creative was brought on board to conduct post-merger law firm branding – creating a brand that reflects the personality of the new firm.


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top-of-mind brand recall


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PLHM Law has a strong reputation as one of the top providers of litigation service in Calgary. With a recent merger, the firm needed a new and cohesive identity, one that still retain their existing reputation. Using strategic branding and marketing initiatives, they were also aiming to expand their corporate and commercial client base to include clients outside of Calgary. To achieve this, a strong brand is needed to convey PLHM Law’s competence, credibility, and focus on excellence to new clients.

  • How to update PLHM’s brand and online presence to reflect the personality of the new firm?
  • How to create a unique and sophisticated brand that stands out in the legal industry?
  • How to create a unified brand after a merger?
  • What branding components to focus on to increase brand recall?


Crafting a New Brand in the Legal Industry

Pace Creative’s goal in crafting PLHM Law’s new brand was to help the firm exude confidence, credibility, and sophistication through their branding material. We first focused on updating PLHM Law’s logo as we feel the logo is the center piece of a brand, especially in the legal industry where brand designs tend to air on the simple side. We selected a modern font that is simple and straight-forward, and kept the colours conservatives. For the line component, we kept it clean and classic to achieve an established and long-lasting look.

Showcasing the New Law Firm Branding in their Marketing Assets

After the logo was finalized, we created PLHM Law’s stationary assets and the signage for the reception wall at the firm’s office. We then focused their website and by drawing on our marketing experience with clients in the legal industry, we designed a clean, welcoming, and strategic website.

As part of our strategy for the website, we paid extensive focus not only on the aesthetic design but also on the flow of the website and the content of each page. We designed a site map that is simple and easy to navigate. For the website to encourage actions from the target audience, we set up clear calls-to-action; our goal here was to help PLHM Law get qualified referrals.


  • The partners received great feedback and are happy with the new website and its professional photography.
  • Our rebranding and website development led to a website that acts as the main brand, communication, and marketing hub for the firm.
  • The new PLHM Law is modern, classy, and easy to be recalled.
  • Pace Creative maintains the firm’s website and provides ongoing support as PLHM’s reach expands and their communication and marketing needs as they grow.

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