Becton, Dickinson, and Company (BD) is a medical technology company that has been a leader in healthcare safety and technologies for more than 100 years. BD is now in the process of launching a revolutionary new prescription drug storage, handling, and delivery solution for retail pharmacies. As a strategic agency, we saw this as an opportunity for a healthcare video marketing strategy.

BD wanted to create a video that focused on store prescription drug delivery and to promote BD’s product. The digital strategy for the MedTech product launch included the development of a product demo video, which targeted potential customers such as executives and senior VPs at major retailers in the USA. This animated video would be informative and engaging to encourage retailers to discuss the product.


leads per month


BD wanted to create a product launch healthcare marketing video that addressed issues with store prescription drug deliveries and industry pain points. It is intended to be a thought leadership video showcasing how their product can increase efficiency at pharmacies. They wanted the animated video to be informative and engaging, intending to gain demo requests and leads.

  • How to develop a healthcare video marketing strategy that addresses industry pain points and store prescription drug delivery?
  • How to develop the video content and script to align with the legal regulatory process?
  • How to showcase product features for the new technology using photography and CAD files?
  • How to create an informative and engaging video to provide a helpful demo that would increase leads?


Developing the Healthcare Video Marketing Strategy

Pace Creative developed an interactive script for the BD drug storage video. The video content and script had to be accurate according to the legal regulatory process.

Designing the Storyboard

Pace Creative developed a storyboard for the product demo video that demonstrated thoughtful strategy and incorporated the BD brand.

Creation of the Product Demo Video

Pace Creative produced a 120 second medical device product demo video to showcase the new innovative pharmacy automation technology. The product launch video showcases specific features of the product that will help improve healthcare services. It addresses industry pain points and the issues with store prescription drug deliveries and how the product is a viable solution.


  • The video is being used at conferences, in presentations, on the website, as part of brand awareness campaigns, and as a thought leadership video in the industry.
  • Generating over 1900 leads per month.
  • Check out the video below!

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