SpectrumWorks Consulting Group (SpectrumWorks) is a management consulting social enterprise that helps adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) succeed by emphasizing their strengths and contributions in the workplace. They not only focus on individuals with ASD but also assist organizations to leverage the talent of individuals with ASD in the workplace. They do so by providing clinical and vocational services to employees with ASD, and executive coaching, workshop, and legal advice to employers of individuals on the autism spectrum.

SpectrumWorks needed a way to put their name out there to create a network of contacts. Creative partnered with the organization to create a comprehensive marketing strategy and healthcare website design.


increase in unique homepage visitors


new organic contacts


increase in social media engagement


As a new company who provides novel services, SpectrumWorks needed a strong brand, and they needed each element of the brand to be created with care. Since they are both a B2B and B2C company, SpectrumWorks and their service offerings need to be easily recognizable for these two audience groups.

  • How to use “pull” marketing strategies to help a unique start-up establish themselves as a thought leader in their healthcare niche?
  • How to conduct marketing research for a start-up?
  • Which healthcare website design strategies will work best for this specific type of clinical consulting?
  • How to best promote this company’s expertise and raise brand awareness?


Designing the Brand Identity of a Healthcare Start-Up

Pace Creative worked in close collaboration with the CEO to develop a branding strategy that resulted in the name “SpectrumWorks.” The former part, “Spectrum,” is short for Autism Spectrum Disorder, also highlights the diversity of the neurodivergent community. The latter, “Works,” highlights the capabilities and value that individuals with ASD offers in the workplace.

We then turned our focus to the logo and colour palette – we chose the colour blue as the dominating colour as it has been adopted by many organizations as the autism awareness colour. Finally, we translated these design elements to custom stationary and SpectrumWorks’ website.

Creating the Healthcare Website Design

After we solidified the brand, we focused on a content marketing strategy to create an integrated and holistic online presence. As a first step in the strategy, we conducted thorough research to develop personas. Based on the personas, we identified each stage of the customer journey including the respective touch points and key pain points / inquiries in each persona journey.

Using the approved customer journeys, we developed an optimized site map, content outline, and strategic website content with key messages implemented in each step of the customer journey.

After SpectrumWorks approved the content, we created website wireframes and a branded look and feel for the site before creating each page design and developing the website.

To top this off, Pace Creative also helped develop a few blog posts for SpectrumWorks’ website guide the client through SEO content best practices.


  • A strong brand presence and a new strategic website led to qualified online leads, organic SEO ranking, more customer and industry referrals as well as an overall awareness of the company’ services.
  • SpectrumWorks developed a niche online community through its network and keep its followers engaged on new social media channels such as LinkedIn and Twitter.
  • The blog posts Pace Creative developed helped drive traffic to the site and improve SEO.
  • A strategized SEO execution led to more organic search traffic and a higher Google search ranking, resulting in a 57% increase in unique homepage visitors.
  • Overall, Pace Creative helped SpectrumWorks increase their client base and industry network through a stronger online presence, increased brand awareness, and a much wider online reach.

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