With the Internet of Things (IoT), almost everything can be a data source. Hitachi Vantara offers a secure industrial IoT platform with integrated analytics that can help companies manage their entire connectivity journey with ease. To promote and market this new product, they came to us for a custom digital product strategy.

To unlock the value of data, organizations must be able to manage and make sense of it. Doing this requires implementing a digital transformation strategy, which is a complex process. Forbes and the University of Miami recently released research outlining an Ecosystem model for IoT adoption which explains how a company could achieve complete digital transformation with IoT.

Hitachi wanted to create a campaign centred around an interactive assessment tool to understand companies’ current position and how they can progress.



increase in conversions


MQLs in the first month


MQLs to date since launch in 2021


Since this is a complicated industry, the digital product strategy needed to explain complex language and technical information in ways that clients and target audience members would understand.

  • How to create an interactive assessment tool to help organizations understand their current position and how to advance their IoT adoption program?
  • How to run a digital campaign to promote this interactive tool and target organizations who can benefit from Hitachi’s product?
  • How can we create the assessment questions, logic, model results, and recommend next steps based on the high-level academic research?


Detailed Audit and Research of Target Audience

Before starting any strategy, design, or development, Pace Creative always starts each project with detailed research and auditing. With a product so complex, our strategists needed to full understand the nature of the Internet of Things industry, IoT device management tools, and Hitachi as a brand to get the highest ROI and properly optimize their marketing budget.

Design Customer Journey Focused Questionnaire

We created a questionnaire that drove users to receive downloadable results complete with academic research in an easy-to-digest PDF. This PDF acted as an incentive to share simple (and quick) questionnaire answers with Hitachi. This helped Hitachi identify MQLs (marketing qualified leads) and provided them with data of the current IoT adoption rates.

Created Landing Pages to Support Digital Product Strategy

Using an integrated digital product strategy to promote the assessment tool, we used a strategic combination of landing pages, digital ads, and online banners. These ads drove traffic to the landing pages, where full-scale lead generation strategies awaited the users.


  • For the last 2 years, the campaign has been running and still performing.
  • In 1 month alone the campaign received 16 leads.
  • The campaign has driven 720 MQLs up to date.
  • Conversion rate is 38.77%
  • 283 valid emails sign-ups in 1 quarter

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