Hitachi Vantara is a leader in connecting digital industrial capability with data. They help forward-thinking enterprises use their data to drive profit and gain a competitive advantage. Some of Hitachi Vantara’s solutions include data storage, protection, enrichment, activation, and analytics. The company offers custom solutions that result in businesses improving their customer experience while minimizing cost and increasing productivity.

As a thought leader, Pace Creative worked with Hitachi to develop an innovative solution using interactive content marketing tools. The resulting Enterprise Cost Search Calculator acts as a landing page to target the brand awareness of the customer journey. It includes valuable content to target a specific audience while keeping in mind earned search engine optimization (SEO). It is also a conversation starter to help Hitachi Vantara qualify leads and improve conversion rates through customized calls to action.


MQLs per month on average


bounce rate reduced


Hitachi Vantara wanted to leverage an Enterprise Cost Search Calculator as a powerful interactive content marketing tool. This one-stop shop landing page was designed with SEO optimization and relevant content, providing customers with the best possible journey while boosting brand awareness simultaneously.

  • How can we help companies see how long their staff were searching for and enriching data, and how much that time spent costs?
  • How to develop a landing page using an ion interactive template?
  • How to gather meaningful data that would help them determine which of their solutions would benefit the customer most?
  • How to optimize the Enterprise Search Cost Calculator for SEO ranking?


Catering Interactive Content Marketing Tools

Crafting the perfect calculator was no small feat, and our team rose to the challenge. Through a strategic approach, we developed its design and logic then fine-tuned it with ion interactive for maximum efficiency.

User-Centric Design Strategy

Drawing on our expansive UX design experience, we developed data inputs that were both aesthetically pleasing and inviting to users. We prioritized clear navigation so that viewers can easily access the results. Our designs were on-brand, clear, and intuitive – allowing users to easily complete the calculations. The overall result was a calculator or assessment tool crafted in line with the company’s brand identity that empowered positive user experiences.

Interactive Report

Our partnership with Hitachi Vantara and ion interactive enabled us to create a tailored shareable report for each lead. Users can gain invaluable insights with the calculator; they also engage directly with one of our representatives at Hitachi Vantara to ask questions.

Tracking Performance

As part of the B2B lead generation campaign, ion interactive is tracking the campaign analytics to track performance.


  • The conversion rate improved up to 3%.
  • The Enterprise Cost Search Calculator ranked on search engines
  • Their website bounce rate was reduced to had a 35%!
  • A different leading information technology company wanted to take advantage of this interactive content marketing tool. This was repurposed in a separate lead generation campaign initiative and in collaboration with Hitachi Vantara!

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