IQVIA is a global leader in the healthcare industry, transforming how data science and technology are used to predict patient needs. IQVIA combines the use of big data, technology, and advanced analytics to assist researchers and developers in better predicting the needs of patients in the healthcare sector. To grow in North America and get qualified HCP leads, IQVIA invested in a custom and strategic infographic campaign.

Pace Creative created the strategy based on research and data and executed the inbound lead generation campaign to show how Sales Promotion Optimization can optimize HCP promotion, marketing channels, and ROI for clients. Through this innovative campaign concept, IQVIA drives lead generation opportunities while providing quality services tailored specifically for modern businesses today!


MQLs per week


increase in brand recall




IQVIA also wants to invest in an integrated inbound lead generation campaign to increase its lead acquisition. Part of the campaign strategy is to recognize what content asset to develop, pick a topic that will resonate to qualify leads, create assets that include elements of storytelling, identify the promotion channels to use and when to use them, and measure the success of the campaign. At the same time, IQVIA wants to improve its brand awareness and have customers understand the benefits of using advanced analytics to better promote their drug, maximize ROI.

  • How can we increase IQVIA’s leads with an inbound lead generation infographic?
  • How can we improve brand awareness and educate customers with strategic content?
  • How can we convert qualified leads and increase the conversion rate with a strategic infographic linked to the website?


Infographic Campaign Strategy

With the goal of increasing and converting leads, Pace Creative developed and implemented a strategic infographic campaign focused on inbound lead generation. To ensure success, careful consideration was taken to select appropriate topics that resonated with viewers as well as create engaging assets incorporating elements of storytelling. Promotion channels were identified along with a promotional strategy for content distribution while efforts also extended into curating accurate data and visuals which did not overwhelm visitors when viewing their infographic.

Strategic Asset Content Development

With the aim of better understanding marketing optimization services, Pace Creative conducted extensive research on IQVIA’s offerings. Our findings highlighted four key areas: channel preference, competitive analysis and refinement – all providing invaluable benefits to the healthcare industry in solving an array of problems along with its inherent value. Through this comprehensive investigation process, our team was able to develop a powerful infographic campaign that illuminated these valuable insights.

Visual Strategy for a Content-Rich Infographic

Our partnership with IQVIA’s branding team produced an exceptional custom infographic that embodied their style guide. We incorporated creative animations and interactive parallax effects to bring the technology alive, engaging viewers through storytelling interactivity as they scroll down the infographic.


  • The infographic campaign generated 3 MQLs per week
  • 80% brand recall for IQVIA
  • 9% CTR for digital infographic
  • Following the success of this infographic, Pace Creative created a second infographic promoting IQVIA’s Multi-Indication Split product.

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