Waterstreet Technologies is a SaaS providing cloud-based franchise management software for field service companies. They pioneered the use of internet-based software solutions and have been in business for over 20 years. During that time, technology has changed tremendously, and competition has grown enormously, forcing legacy companies to revolutionize. That’s why Waterstreet came to us for a revamped B2B SaaS content marketing project.

Waterstreet Technologies needed to remain competitive and relevant, especially against new emerging businesses. To do this, the CEO of WaterStreet Technologies wanted to adopt an integrated and cohesive B2B SaaS content marketing strategy to target new franchisers and connect with existing business owners. When they came to us with their challenge, we knew there was no better way to achieve this than through a medium we know best: all things digital.


on-going monthly growth


MQLs per week


average minutes spent on the website site per user


Waterstreet Technology wants to connect with the current market and the new generation of entrepreneurs. They want to stand out to business owners across North America and against competitors. Waterstreet wants to improve the awareness and understanding of Waterstreet software solutions, products, and services, and increase overall digital presence across multiple channels. They want to target the right audience at the right time with the right information, thus increasing overall brand awareness and increase lead generation.

  • How to implement a website for Waterstreet with a refreshed and thoughtful design that is logical and scalable for future changes?
  • How to redesign the website to be engaging and responsive?
  • How to develop a B2B SaaS content marketing strategy to target digital campaign content?
  • How to create content that increases brand awareness and understanding of Waterstreet’s services and solutions?
  • How to optimize Waterstreet’s website to be SEO friendly?


Developing a B2B SaaS Content Marketing Strategy

Pace Creative worked with Waterstreet Technologies’ executive team to develop, document, and execute a content marketing strategy that includes all relevant marketing channels. The goal is to drive user acquisition and convince users to schedule a demo, potentially turning them into long-standing customers.

SaaS Website Redesign with SEO

We started the B2B SaaS content marketing journey by focusing on their website with SaaS SEO.

In a full website redesign, we optimized the site map to be more user-centric and cater to the customer journey analysis we completed. The content clearly communicates key messages, and outlines the software features and benefits while keeping search engine optimization (SEO) as a focus.

Our methodology focuses on content playing a key role in:

  • Improving organic search results
  • Driving users to the site
  • Increasing time spent on the site
  • Driving conversions.

Comprehensive Marketing Audit

Once the website redesign was launched, we completed a comprehensive marketing audit to figure out how to drive users to the website. This audit informed all of our B2B SaaS content marketing strategies – including social media.

SaaS Social Media Strategy

Pace Creative then developed a custom SaaS social media strategy to establish a presence on select social media platforms.

We developed strategic monthly content calendars to promote website content (blogs and services) and regularly share engaging and relevant media with the audience. This was supplemented with Facebook Ad promotions and a followers’ campaign.


  • Digital ads directed traffic to the monthly blog post and increased engagement.
  • x3 growth month after month
  • Increase in users scheduling demo trials and knowing about the Waterstreet brand, with over 10 MQLs per week
  • Significant increase in tracked conversion, time spent on site to 2.25 minutes, and followers across all social media platforms.
  • Increase in organic rankings thanks to SaaS SEO, putting Waterstreet in the top 10 searches for keywords like ‘franchise management software features’ and ‘franchise brand management.
  • Established a strong brand identity across multiple channels so they maintained their position as North America’s go-to franchising software.

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