Orezone Gold Corporation is a Canadian exploration company. They own 90% of the Bomboré Gold Project which explores Bomboré, one of the largest undeveloped gold deposits in Burkina Faso. The company has more than 15 years of mine development and operations experience specifically in West Africa, a major gold-producing region in the world. In Q3-2022, Orezone will be bringing Bomboré into production.

The VP of Investor Relations, Val, hired Pace Creative to develop a brand refresh strategy that will establish a modern and innovative look for Orezone in their competitive industry.


increase in brand recall


increase in new analysts


increase in website clicks


As a junior mining company that is growing, Orezone wanted to stand out in front of investors amongst competitors in the Burkina Faso region. They also wanted to gain a social license to operate (SLO). The brand refresh strategy must help Orezone build a connection with the various communities that reside in Burkina Faso and clearly convey the company’s mission –  “to discover and develop the earth’s resources in an efficient and responsible manner.”

  • How to build a brand identity for a junior mining company that is growing?
  • How to best tell a brand story to investors to distinguish a company from competitors?
  • How to construct a unique brand in the mining industry?
  • How to ensure the investment in social-educational programs for the local communities contribute to building brand recognition?
  • How to build brand equity with the new look?


Complete Energy Industry Research and Client Audit

We analyzed Orezone’s business background and the mining/energy industry to identify the types of investors with whom Orezone wanted to connect. We then examined competitors operating in Burkina Faso to position Orezone’s brand.

Develop the Brand Refresh Message

We developed a messaging strategy to convey the following traits: technology enthusiasm, efficiency, results, trustworthiness, loyalty, and ethical sourcing. This messaging strategy then provided the foundation for the brand positioning statement.

We researched and went through iterations with the client to build Orezone’s personality, tone, voice, and brand positioning. These elements were then documented in a brand style guide.

Create a Consistent Brand Experience

We implemented the brand refresh guidelines across Orezone’s brand ecosystem – social media publications, website, investor PowerPoint presentation, trade show booth, stationary, and more!


  • We launched the brand refresh with tons of positive feedback from both the investors and the local communities. It was a success!
  • The new Orezone brand is highly distinguishable and can be easily recognized within the mining community.
  • Orezone has been using the same brand for almost a decade and has built brand equity at tradeshows, events, on social media and investors road shows!

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