To differentiate its offerings from an increasingly crowded beverage market, Pota Inc. – a venture-backed up by Stratis Capital – sought our brand strategy consulting services to tailor their new brand towards millennials who prioritize pure and authentic products.

With evolving competitors in the beverage industry, tasked with creating this unique experience for customers, Pace Creative was brought in to execute the launch of Pota’s natural and organic beverages made entirely without artificial flavors, colorants, synthetic tocopherol, synthetic ascorbyl palmitate, and added chemicals. Their successful branding efforts allowed both distributors and consumers alike to appreciate the wholesome ingredients that make up these flavourful drinks coming straight from nature itself!


increase in brand awareness


conversion rate


bounce rate


Pota wanted to create a new brand that was distinct from its competitors and appealed to millennium buyers. Pota needed our brand strategy consulting to help build credibility through the look and feel of their brand. Pace Creative strategized with Pota to implement an email signature, a new logo, and other brand print materials.

  • How to develop a unique brand to stand out in a crowded beverage industry?
  • How to create a unified brand for Pota to stand out in front of distributors?
  • How to develop an online presence to attract distributors?


Brand Strategy Consulting

Pota stands out from other beverage distributors and takes a holistic, inspiring approach to its brand. With an emphasis on honesty, purity, and sustainability in their spirits selection they strive to ensure that their customers receive products of the highest quality. The personalities defining Pota’s trusted family-owned business are pureness, inspiration, genuine craftsmanship and authenticity – qualities sure bring satisfaction to the end users!

Developing a Splash Page

As a leader in creative solutions, Pace Creative was tasked with helping Pota reach potential distributors. Their solution? A dynamic splash page that captures the unique essence of the brand and inspires visitors to connect and to learn more. Now, more distributors than ever have an opportunity to discover what products Pota has to offer!

Creating a New Unique Logo

Pace Creative crafted Pota’s new logo to stand out from the crowd. We combined traditional and modern fonts to create a custom-made typeface that boasted clean lines with a post-contemporary edge for an unforgettable first impression.

Creating an Email Signature

Pace Creative crafted a custom email signature for Pota, showcasing the new brand with the contact information of their founder and a link to their website. With this eye-catching design at hand, distributors can easily reach out to learn more learning more about what makes Pota products unique.

Distributing Brand Print Materials

With creative flair, Pace Creative produced professional brand print materials such as stationary and a PowerPoint presentation template to ensure each marketing material has the same brand cohesiveness and a unified look to build brand recognition.


  • With our brand strategy consulting, Pota saw a significant increase in brand awareness
  • Following the launch of its online presence, Pota received leads and saw an increased 5% conversion rate
  • The splash page had a well-performing 55% bounce rate

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