Miskanawah (mis-con-a-wah) (meaning “Pathways” in Cree) offers evidence-informed, supported services to people in the Calgary area. Guided by Indigenous teachings, their vision is to have children, youth, and families thrive within a culturally responsive community. Their four central values include culture, community, respect, and trust. They came to Pace Creative for a custom web app development project.

Since 1988, Miskanawah has offered many youth and family programs to support vulnerable children and youth in a holistic way with the goal of harm-reduction and a strength-based focus on Indigenous teachings and traditions. This new custom web app development project was to be focused on youth suicide prevention: acting as an important resource to redirect individuals to the right resources, help lines, or social support.


increase in calls made to Hope for Wellness helpline


increase in online appointment bookings


increase in nonprofit awareness


Rates of youth suicide in Canadian Indigenous youth communities are 25% more than the national youth average. Historical and persistent disadvantage is coupled with multiple barriers to seek help. When Miskanawah conducted research and focus groups amongst Indigenous youth, one thing that stood out is that Indigenous youth did not feel they could get access to relevant suicide prevention information they could relate to and resonate with.

This is when Miskanawah decided to create the Wiichihew program. Wiichihew is a mobile web application that offers the opportunity to deliver therapeutic interventions directly to indigenous youth in remote communities. To help with suicide prevention, the web app is aimed to evaluate the effectiveness of a self-help mobile app targeting suicidal ideation, depression and psychological distress among Indigenous youth in Canada.

  • How can we offer suicide prevention resources to youth living in remote communities?
  • What content should we create so that it resonates with Indigenous youth?
  • How do we best cater custom web app development to this topic and type of information?
  • How can we organize the content so that it is easy for the readers to find the information they are looking for as soon as they land on the web app?


Website Application Strategy

The website application strategy encompassed:

  • Understanding the customer journey
  • Creating a user persona
  • Content mapping for resonance
  • Identifying KPIs and defining success measurement criteria

Website APP Content Strategy

To ensure the website application is a success amongst the youth, while maintaining cultural aspects of mindfulness and Indigenous ways of healing, we developed a content marketing strategy.

Custom Web App Development

We invested a lot of resources to create a user-centric and accessible web app. The application content was carefully audited, organized, mapped out, allowing the different users to be able to help themselves or others easily. Then we moved into the design phase where we focused on the UI, and then the UX. Once the website application was tested by users, we proceeded to the development phase.

Tracking Performance

App views, new and returning visitors are monitored monthly to support funding requests and ensure the continuous growth and improvement of the website application.


  • 1435% increase in calls made to the Hope for Wellness Help Line
  • 450% increase in online appointment bookings
  • Implementation of Google Analytics (GA) and Google Tag Manager (GTM) to track performance
  • Monthly campaign performance reporting to secure funding for content development
  • Improved awareness of Miskanawah’s work
  • Outreach growth within the Indigenous youth community in Canada

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