Born from a medtech incubator, Revelle Aesthetics has been driving innovation and advancements in medical aesthetic practices globally. Revelle Aesthetics distributes its product, Avéli, which focuses on the reduction of cellulite in North America and across the globe. A non-surgical aesthetic procedure that provides physicians with more control, Avéli helps achieve well-tolerated and precise cellulite reduction results for patients.

Revelle Aesthetics wanted to launch a healthcare lead generation campaign for the launch of Avéli – a new, innovative, and revolutionary non-surgical aesthetic procedure for their 40+ practices. A specific healthcare lead generation strategy they wanted to leverage was location-specific Google Ads to drive eyes to their product landing page. The goal is to increase leads and overall brand awareness for Aveli.


conversions from provider page in 2 months


Google Ad clicks for NY and CA landing pages


users to the ‘Find a Provider’ page across 2 months


Revelle Aesthetics wanted to execute a healthcare lead generation campaign to drive leads to the Avéli product landing page to request a consultation about the procedure with the closest practice.

  • How to build awareness of a new product for medical aesthetic practices?
  • How to get qualified leads from a single campaign?
  • How to drive leads to take action to schedule a consultation?
  • How to create strategic content for the landing page to convert leads?
  • How to nurture leads in HubSpot until they are ready to schedule a consultation?


Healthcare Lead Generation Strategy

Pace Creative created a healthcare lead generation campaign strategy with consideration to rank organically with SEO. Revelle wanted to promote the new product and rank for specific keywords to stay ahead of future competition and products in the same product category. We wanted to ensure the campaign strategy aligned with the brand messaging for optimal engagement.

Google Ads

Pace Creative created the content for Google Ads to encourage potential leads to view go to the landing page, find their local clinic, and book an appointment. To make the landing pages tailored and relevant for potential leads, we created location-specific Google Ads that would target those within the area.

Developing the Strategic Content for the Landing Page

When developing the content for the landing page, we helped Revelle identify their target audience, which leans towards women with cellulite, though it is applicable to anyone. The key message was to promote Avéli as an innovative, painless, quick, and new solution for cellulite.

The goal was to educate leads on what the product is, and how Avéli works, and give them an opportunity to connect with a practice.

Strategic Product Landing Page

Pace Creative developed 26 location-specific landing pages to promote the Avéli product. The landing pages connected to the main MyAvéli website which contained 5 webpages previously created by Pace Creative: Homepage, ‘Let’s Talk Cellulite’, ‘See How Aveli Works’, FAQ, and ‘Find a Provider’. Furthermore, a professionals page drove professionals to a contact form to learn more about the potential of using the Aveli product in their aesthetics practice.

Hubspot Integration

Following the contact form, the leads’ information would be integrated into HubSpot and shared with the selected practice. In addition, the lead would receive a thank you email with the clinic information so they could also reach out directly. The purpose of the HubSpot integration was to track leads and potentially use lead information for future marketing campaigns.


  • As of recently, the Avéli product has been FDA approved
  • As the brand recognition and provider availability grows and part of the brand evolution, Revelle Aesthetics is moving away from individual location landing pages.
  • Through collaboration with Pace Creative, we are working towards implementing a Google map integrated practice locator on the Avéli website.
  • Part of the go-to market strategy includes the development of a QR landing page for Revelle Aesthetics to use at events and tradeshows which provided a range of information about the Avéli product.
  • Following the lead generation campaign, the product was positively received by the media, being featured in realself news, TZR, New Beauty, and allure – for free!

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