Ostara was founded in 2005 as a water treatment company that helped cities remove excess phosphorus, nitrogen and magnesium from the water, turning the excess nutrients into a granular fertilizer using proprietary Pearl technology.

With shifting customer expectations and an industry that is ripe for disruption by startups and new technology, agriculture suppliers have new opportunities to capture the attention of farmers and retailers by solving pain points and showcasing innovation – turning to agritech marketing strategies to achieve this.

After a recent rebrand from water treatment company to fertilizer company, Ostara needs to capitalize on growing interest in digital communication channels to showcase the new vision and benefits of Crystal Green fertilizer to prospects.

With over 22 reactors around the world, the water treatment plants were in demand and the Crystal Green fertilizer they produced is selling out. Ostara is pioneering sustainable phosphate management for growers who want to improve yields, feed the world and protect critical water sources.


annual revenue growth


reduced bounce rate


increased time on site


The challenge with the new plant-produced fertilizer is that it’s missing the water treatment story that helps sell the product with feel-good, sustainability messaging. But, the plant-produced Crystal Green still has the same properties and benefits as Crystal Green Pearl, including other key sustainability messages.

  • Which agritech marketing strategies will work best for this client?
  • How to communicate the rebrand in a clear and coherent way to stakeholders?
  • How to make Ostara’s thought leadership content be discoverable to those searching for it?
  • How to transform the website to be user-centric?
  • How to showcase Ostara’s expertise?


Agritech Marketing Rebrand

Since Ostara has been in business or a while, we audited the current marketing channels and content. We implemented an agritech marketing plan to consolidate the Ostara and Crystal Green websites to present the brand as a unified entity while optimizing for search and improving the mobile experience. Additionally, establishing a blog and resource center will allow us to share thought leadership content and build credibility online.

Digital Enablement Strategy

We developed a sophisticated digital enablement strategy to implement an educational marketing content strategy. The strategy guide customers through the phases within the sales journey, builds trust and reduces the duration of the sales cycle. This approach ensures that Ostara’s Crystal Green fertilizer is readily discoverable to those searching for the information.

SEO Strategy

When considering ROI, a sophisticated SEO strategy has showed to be the best marketing investment companies can make. We optimized earned and organic SEO for the website to enhance the visibility of the brand and attract relevant organic traffic. By attracting high-quality organic traffic, SEO generates a significant return on investment.

Storytelling Content Creation

We developed technical and storytelling content to create demand for Crystal Green. We crafted the story within the about section and created high-value articles for the online education hub. The aim is to utilize articles for organic SEO, social media promotion, and nurturing leads.

User-Centric Website Design

Develop an optimized site map and content flow focusing on the UX to prioritize the customer experience online. W emphasized seamless UX to reduce bounce rate and increase customer engagement. The bounce rate speaks for itself!

Website Development

Developed the website using WP for the insights section using PHP, jQuery, and custom development. The rest of the website is headless built on Gatsby. The technology stack used was to ensure the website was loading quickly and wanted the online technology to match the innovative technology the Pearl technology.

Editorial Calendar

We planned a quarterly editorial calendar highlighting articles with high-value content that would live in the online education hub and supplement the key messages within the customer journey. We leverage these articles to increase web traffic, bring in additional organic SEO, and increase customer engagement on social media. Basically, we use content assets as helpful links salespeople could send to prospects in emails or newsletters to keep in touch.


Our team’s expertise in agritech marketing helped drive Ostara’s marketing strategy, generating brand awareness, sustainable messaging, and increased sales within the industry.

  • The website was used to launch the new Ostara brand in Canada.
  • Ostara was so pleased with the website that we continue to work with them to develop a series of educational assets each quarter that are being promoted as part of campaigns.
  • Ostara expanded its presence resulting in expansion to the USA.

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