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April 26, 2023

Are you seeking to drive business growth? If so, we can help build strategies to secure marketing qualified leads to maximize your ROI.

As a B2B full-service digital enablement agency, we provide CMO consulting services, marketing plan and flawless execution to help our clients achieve 300%+ returns.

How we guarantee growth?

According to Gartner’s latest CSO Sales & Marketing Alignment Guide, sales lead organizations that prioritize alignment with marketing are 3x more likely to exceed new cutomer acquisitio targets.

By aligning sales and marketing efforts to get qualified leads – which helps avoid missing sales quotas and dry pipelines.

What is the purpose of B2B Demand Generation?

Demand generation aims to increase the audience base and generate leads through effective initiatives that raise awareness and interest.

Best practices for demand generation involve data-driven strategies that stimulate interest with educational content that prompt actions.

To achieve success in demand generation, it is essential to align the market positioning and content creation with a powerful, impactful, and effective approach.

A good approach results in high-quality leads that have a problem to solve and are ready to act. The audience has the intent and the urgency to solve their business challenge.

Has B2B Demand Generation Changed?

As the world adjusts to the aftermath of the pandemic, marketers are beginning to fall back into familiar routines. However, in the latest CMI report, “Challenging the Myth of the Empowered Buyer,” based on the 2022 Content Marketing for Demand Generation survey, the industry is seeing a return to some past demand generation priorities while also questioning the notion of the “empowered buyer.”

While B2B demand generation marketers are still prioritizing top-of-the-funnel brand awareness, they’re also realizing the importance of creating content that simplifies the buying process.

What Do Customers Want?

The key is to “empower buyer” by developing a content marketing strategy that allows sales and marketing teams to work together to create an integrated, customer-centric commercialization strategy.

That means, companies need to create educational content across marketing channels that is more personalized, solution driven and tailored to unique customer needs.

What are the elements to getting B2B demand generation done right?

There are 5 critical components to master to get your B2B demand generation done right:

  1. Budget
  2. Sales
  3. Marketing
  4. Address challenges to scale
  5. Marketing team Structure

1. Marketing Budget

There is a huge disconnect between the sales projections and the marketing budget to support the marketing initiatives needed to support revenue growth.

  • How do you set up a proper marketing budget to support your revenue growth?
  • What is the right formula based on your business maturity and growth stage?

Our team uses a bottom-up forecasting method to build a marketing budget.

b2b demand generation – the disconnect that most B2B's face

2. Sales

CEOs and founders often play a huge sales and marketing role. As the company grows, leaders want to hire for sales positions first, as it’s the DNA of the company.

According to Salesforce research, 57% of sales people do not expect to meet their sales quotas. Typically, the reason the sales team is not meeting their sales quotas is because their marketing department is weak or not helping with converting sales.

B2B demand generation – a step by step way map to generating MQLs

3. Marketing

Are your marketing activities not getting you your desired results?

Based on our conversations with several companies, their marketing activities typically encompass:

  • Brand (logo design)
  • Sales enablement
  • Events
  • Public relations

Is your marketing one of the core revenue drivers within your organization?

Here are signs your orgnization is lacking ‘smarketing’ or sales and marketing misalignment:

  • Decreased sales and revenue
  • Demotivated sales team
  • Sales target not being met MoM or YoY
  • Missed opportunities
  • Wasted resources
  • Erosion of customer trust
  • Conflict (between sales + marketing teams)
  • Lack of data tracking
  • Lack of efficiency

4. Challenges to Scale

Based on a Gartner report, CEOs know that the most urgent challenges to scale are:

  • Marketing: internal teams do not have the right digital skills. According to CMO survey, companies have identified having the right talent as a top priority for driving revenue growth.
  • Demand generation: there is no handoff from marketing to sales. It’s a parallel process! Buyers spend almost the same amount of time getting information from a company’s website as speaking to a sales rep.
  • Sales effectiveness: sales representatives are a channel to the customers. Customers are largely channel-agnostic when seeking the information. They are looking to make a business decision.
  • Partner/channel strategies: need data driven insight to make an impact on revenue growth. Performance marketing enables companies to connect directly to closed revenue and the lifetime value (LTV) of a customer

5. Marketing Team Structure

When looking into what changes your team needs, there are 5 critical elements to consider:

  1. Stage of the business maturity
  2. Business model
  3. Business strategy
  4. Revenue target
  5. Marketing budget

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