Abbotsford is a city located in the Fraser Valley region of British Columbia, adjacent to Greater Vancouver. It is the largest rural city outside of Metropolitan Vancouver, known commonly for its farm country and diverse natural environment.

The City of Abbotsford needed a visually stimulating digital marketing infographic, that positions the city as a proactive, diverse, and engaging business community to convince investors to take notice. Pace Creative used our vast experience with content strategy and content marketing to create an attractive, informative, and engaging infographic.


increase in people reached


increase in investor contacts


deals influenced


To increase business attraction and retention, job growth, and diversify the tax base, the City of Abbotsford wanted to repurpose its economic development report into a visually engaging infographic.

  • How to position the City of Abbotsford to stand out as the right city to start a new business?
  • How to develop a content marketing strategy that appeals the City of Abbotsford to investors?
  • How to showcase that business can maximize their profits by investing in the City of Abbotsford using a digital marketing infographic?
  • How to organize a large amount of data into a concise meaningful story that resonates with business owners?


Digital Marketing Infographic Content Strategy

The key to effectively deliver a message is to be thoughtful and methodological right off the bat. Pace Creative started with developing a content strategy to organize the key messages and create a cohesive information flow. We conducted research to understand the customer journey from the eyes of investors, with emphasis on the consideration phase of the journey.

With ample understanding of the target audience and their decision-making process, we moved on to structuring the flow of the infographic. The content we chose discusses 5 main benefits of investing in Abbotsford.

Storytelling Strategy

A priority for us was to make sure the graphics not only align with the content but also for them to work together and complement each other. An attractive and thoughtfully created infographic is crucial because it is a representation of how Abbotsford views itself and how the City wants to present itself to investors. Our logical information flow combined with simple yet impactful graphics not only captures investors’ attention, it also helps them stay engaged retain information for a long time.

Previously in our research, we learned about the information investors consider when making decisions. This research helped us to construct numerous insightful questions, statistics, and facts to help make the infographic more relevant to investors.

Visual Communication Strategy

We were requested to turn a report into a value-added marketing asset to target investors. After we have understood how to craft the story and key messages, we moved on to translating this concept into a digital marketing infographic. We developed custom illustrations in line with the City of Abbotsford’s brand standards and ensured a consistent usage of symbols, icons, and colours.


  • The City of Abbotsford was ecstatic by the look and how insightful the digital marketing infographic
  • They used it as part of the City of Abbotsford economic leave-behind package giving to potential investors.
  • We suggested the hasthag #bizfriendlyabby to promote the campaign on social media platforms.
  • The City of Abbotsford saw a 69% increase in the number of people reached.
  • The investor contacts increased by 25%.
  • The City of Abbotsford saw 32% deals influenced.
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