Founded in 1972, Argon Medical Devices is a leading medical device manufacturer for interventional radiology, cardiology, oncology and vascular surgery. To support its market expansion, the executive team invested in a digital strategy that includes the production of sophisticated 3D animated product videos. As a global company, Argon Medical serves a network of hospitals, clinics and medical facilities in more than 114 countries.

Over the years, Argon Medical has expanded through acquisitions and owns five distinct brands. In 2022, Argon invested in a digital marketing audit which led to developing a comprehensive digital optimization strategy that includes a content strategy to produce engaging 3D animated product videos. With this investment, Argon Medical aims to generate demand and establish a strong brand identity.


increase in brand recall


increase in MQLs


increase in online viewers


To support its digital optimization strategy and support the commercialization team with generating demand, Argon Medical invested in producing 3D animated product videos of its brands and product lines.

  • What marketing channel should be used to promote the videos?
  • How to measure the ROI of the videos?
  • How to create compelling content that resonates with the viewers?
  • How to communicate the unique problem each product solves?


Digital Strategy

Argon Medical prioritized the development of a comprehensive digital strategy. This involved meticulous planning and leveraging various platforms to reach the target audience effectively.

Content Strategy

Argon Medical created a well-defined content strategy that revolved around developing scripts aimed at raising brand awareness and addressing specific problems through the 3D animated product videos. By aligning the content with the viewer’s buying intentions, Argon Medical ensured that the videos connected with the audience on a deeper level.

3D Animated Product Videos

To elevate the brand and enhance product visualization, Argon Medical produced high-quality 3D animated product videos. These videos incorporated captivating storyboards and employed various design treatments to captivate viewers throughout the duration of the video, from start to finish.


The implementation of the new 3D animated product videos garnered overwhelmingly positive feedback from the sales team. In fact, the success was so pronounced that Argon Medical enlisted the services of Pace Creative to revamp the 3D animated product videos for all five of its brands.

Through a well-executed digital strategy, a meticulously designed content strategy, and captivating 3D animated product videos, Argon Medical Devices has successfully elevated its market reach and brand identity.

  • A notable 225% increase in brand recall
  • A significant 58% increase in Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs)
  • An impressive 2100% surge in online viewership

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