Broke Inc. is a start-up hospitality marketing software application that empowers local businesses to drive new customers and enhance local economic growth. Recognizing the economic challenges faced by the hospitality industry, Broke saw an opportunity to create an application that promotes local businesses in a cost-efficient way.

With the business plan in place, Broke sought a trusted agency partner for their custom marketing software development. The goal is to create a functional and user-friendly app with thoughtful design and a strong brand identity. Broke’s founder, Jared, asked Pace Creative to develop their app, as well as a branded content marketing strategy and website. Since then, Pace Creative has partnered with Broke Inc to make their vision a reality in a phased approach.

The purpose of the app is to provide restaurants and other food services connect with a larger client base, offering customers greater access to deals, menu information, happy hours, and specials. It makes the hospitality industry more dynamic.


increase in engagement Month-over-Month (MoM)


increase in followings MoM


increase in subscribers MoM


To fulfill Broke’s digital enablement strategy and support the executive team generating demand, the focus for the marketing software development project was on overcoming the following key challenges:

  • How to take a founder’s vision and turn into a value-added app for each user case?
  • How to build a custom software prep for launch in 12 months?
  • How to create a user-centric Workflow?
  • How to build a User Experience to match the customer journey?


UX Strategy

Developed a comprehensive UX strategy to ensure the app met the needs of each user.

User Journey for Each Type

Curated an effective content strategy to enhance the user journey for each user type, creating a user-centric and effortless experience.

UX Research

Conducted thorough UX research to gain valuable insights into user preferences and expectations.

UX Design

Executed UX design that seamlessly integrates with the customer journey.

Marketing Software Development

With a strategic ‘sprint’ schedule, the Pace Creative team completed the marketing software development staying within budget and timelines.


Broke Inc’s remarkable achievements and continuous progress serve as true testaments to their success:

  • Broke won the Orbiiit competition in 2020, further validating the strength and potential of the app.
  • Restaurant owners demonstrated eagerness to adopt the app, reinforcing its value to the industry.
  • Concurrently with the app’s development, the Broke Inc. website has already achieved high rankings in relevant search results.

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