BC Hydro is an electric utility company that provides electricity to 95% of the BC population. They execute an annual Power Smart energy campaign by collaborating with BC retailers such as Best Buy and Canadian Tire.

BC Hydro previously struggled with reaching its intended campaign goals and conversion rate. Pace Creative collaborated with BC Hydro to create a power smart energy ad campaign promoted across several marketing channels to educate their customers on how to make smart energy choices. BC Hydro’s retail campaign promoted energy-efficient and smart home products by offering deals and rebates. To improve the campaign conversion rate, we focused on outbound marketing, displaying their ads across several platforms for better engagement.


times the conversion rate from previous year


online impressions


bounce rate reduced


BC Hydro wanted to meet its campaign goals and conversion rates when executing its annual Power Smart energy retail campaign. They wanted to increase customer engagement, brand exposure, and attract more clicks to their website.

  • How do we improve BC Hydro’s conversion rate for their retail campaign?
  • How can we create a unique concept while following BC Hydro’s brand guidelines?
  • How do we increase customer engagement with a Power Smart energy campaign?
  • How do we get more clicks to their website?
  • How do we increase their online sales?


Developing a Retail Campaign Content Strategy

Pace Creative worked with BC Hydro to consider a content marketing strategy to increase customer demand and improve the conversion rate for their smart home and energy-efficient products.

We introduced a Bad Idea/Good Idea concept to incorporate into various marketing channels. This was intended to increase customers and sales by promoting energy-efficient products as a Good Idea.

Outbound Marketing Approach

To meet the KPIs of increasing customers and conversion, we used an outbound marketing approach for better engagement and traffic by utilizing various marketing channels. These marketing channels included print, out-of-home advertising, social media, and digital channels.

The display of these ads would result in better customer engagement by expanding BC Hydro’s marketing across channels. OOH ads were placed at bus stops to be directed at pedestrians and commuters passing by via bus, bike, or car. Print ads were highlighted in local newspapers to be targeted toward commuters, pedestrians, and regular newspaper consumers.

Design Strategy Implemented Across Channels

Pace Creative’s design strategy for BC Hydro’s retail campaign included distinct design practices for each channel. We suggested a Bad Idea/Good Idea concept and created three examples of print, Instagram, and online ads for each copy idea. Following the approval of the art direction, our team produced 98 assets while implementing revisions efficiently. The final ad deliverables were set to be trafficked and printed.


  • Online and Digital ads had about 8,656 impressions which were directed at mobile and desktop users
  • BC Hydro saw an increase in brand awareness thanks to the retail campaign
  • The conversion rate had increased 2-3 times compared to the previous year
  • BC Hydro’s website had a 40% bounce rate, which improved from their initial 45% bounce rate

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