In an effort to reach more people and create a stronger impact, The City of Pitt Meadows partnered with the cities of Maple Ridge, Katzie, Seniors Network and requested funds from the Government of Canada’s New Horizons for Seniors Program to develop an explainer video for their emergency preparedness program. With a focus on the aging population, this professional marketing video production aims to enhance the program’s digital enablement strategy.


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Converting a traditional printed booklet into a captivating video requires attention to detail. Factors such as speed, captions, inclusiveness, and WCAG compliance must be considered to ensure the content is dynamic, engaging, and memorable.

  • How to convert an instruction booklet into an explainer video?
  • What aspects to take into consideration to make the project a success?
  • How to guarantee audience retention?


Video Strategy

To guarantee the professional marketing video production’s success, we meticulously researched and audited similar emergency preparedness videos in North America. By establishing clear goals and identifying key success metrics, we were able to benchmark our efforts against industry standards. We branded the explainer video: “Emergency Preparedness in British Columbia: Five Steps Everyone Needs to Know”.

Video Content Strategy

Through our professional marketing video production, we transformed the emergency preparedness program‘s printed booklet into a video that captivates viewers from start to finish. By leveraging engaging visuals and clear messaging, we ensure that viewers are motivated to watch the entire video.

Professional Marketing Video Production

When producing a professional marketing video targeting ageing population, we took into consideration accessibility factors. This means incorporating features such as closed captioning, sign language, and adherence to WCAG guidelines for appearance and functionality.

Studies show that 92% of consumers watch video content with the sound off, making closed captioning a crucial feature to ensure that all viewers can fully understand the content.

Furthermore, 50% of viewers rely solely on captions to understand the video’s message.

Therefore, including captions enhances the video’s reach and appeal to a broader audience.

Another key aspect we considered is sign language interpretation. The feature made the video more inclusive to seniors with hearing disabilities, who may not benefit from closed captioning alone.

As a result, incorporating sign language into the video improved its efficacy and reach.

WCAG guidelines ensure that digital content is accessible to everyone, regardless of their physical or cognitive abilities. With the aging population being significantly diverse in terms of physical and cognitive abilities, adherence to these guidelines ensures that the video is optimized for accessibility, usability, and user-friendliness.


  • The City of Pitt Meadows successfully launched the emergency preparedness program by organizing a premier at the local theatre in the City of Meadows inviting the vulnerable population in the community to attend. The event was such a success the theatre was packed!
  • The professional marketing video production has been so well received that the City of Pitt Meadows is now sharing it with other vulnerable populations.
  • Incorporating accessibility features such as closed captioning, sign language, and adherence to WCAG guidelines can make these videos even more impactful and relevant to the ageing population. The results speak for themselves!

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