Candeo Lava Products was established in 2013 by William Hogan and Lindsay Young. They hypothesized that the volcanic rock material at the Can-Cal Resources Ltd. Pisgah Crater property in California has the potential to be used as a plant growth enhancement medium.

Candeo wanted a strong brand presence and an agriculture content marketing strategy to encourage product testers to sign up for an early adopter partnership at the Organic Grower Summit in California. Pace Creative collaborated with Candeo to initiate a website design, a new logo, a business card, a trade show handout, and a 2D animation video, all of which would help the start-up company increase its brand awareness and gain qualified leads at the trade show.

Check out the final video we created for them at the bottom of the page!


the expected leads and sign-ups


bounce rate reduced


product tester sign-ups


Candeo wants to establish a strong brand presence and achieve a new marketing strategy focused on agriculture content marketing.

  • How to develop an integrated content strategy to target farmers to sign up for a trial?
  • How to design a website to build online credibility using the 7 elements of storytelling?
  • How to create a brand strategy to establish a strong brand presence that stands out?
  • How to create a trade show strategy to encourage farmers to sign up to the trial?
  • How to develop a 2D explainer animation video that explains how the product works?



Integrated Agriculture Content Marketing Strategy

To support the trade show strategy to create a brand that resonates with farmers, Pace Creative created various marketing materials that consisted of a unified message and included the 7 elements of storytelling, to increase leads and sign-ups.

Website Design and Development

Pace Creative underwent website design and development for Candeo’s initial lead generation website. We developed a site map to depict the website layout. The key page of focus for this website is the ‘Request a Demo’ landing page, which displays a clear call to action for prospects to sign up for a trial.

Logo Design

Pace Creative designed a new logo for Candeo that reflects the lava rocks product category and it’s three main benefits. It aligns with the integrated content strategy by promoting the product and enticing prospects to sign up for the testing.

Main Product Advantages

We emphasized these main product advantages in our integrated content strategy. These main product advantages included:

  • Significant decrease in water consumption
  • Enhanced plant crop yield
  • Reduced fertilizer requirements

Business Cards and Trade Show Handouts

We designed new business cards as well as a strategic trade show handout to encourage potential product testers to sign up online.

The trade show handout is titled ‘5 Reasons to Sign Up for a Trial Demo of the Candeo Lava Rock’. It details what the product is, five rewards for using Pisgah Volcanic Rock soil in your plant beds, and clearly states a call-to-action at the bottom of the handout. The back of the handout was designed to show how the lava rock works and designing a graphic to show the many benefits of using the product.

2d Animation Video

To further diversify the agriculture content marketing stack, we created a 2D animated video to explain how Candeo’s product works and highlight the product benefits. The key message was how Candeo’s volcanic rock material enhances soil vitality. We developed a concept for the video to depict how a volcanic rock is like a sponge that absorbs water and causes water and fertilizer to sink into the soil.

We created a tagline for the video which is enhanced yield and conservation. The key messages from this video were to increase yield, need less fertilizer, and water retention. The video explains what the product is and why it is beneficial and displays a CTA at the end of the video, remaining consistent with the other marketing materials.


  • The new agriculture content marketing strategy and branding collateral paid off
  • The company had 3 times more leads and sign-ups than expected
  • The website has a bounce rate of 35%
  • Over 60 customers signed up to test the product
  • Candeo met an industry leader at the tradeshow and worked on a strategic alliance to create their next product

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