Collingwood BIA represents retailers and residents of the Collingwood neighborhood in Vancouver. Founded in 1891, the brand is focused on its historical influence in the neighborhood. As a historical organization, they sought out our marketing for government agencies strategies and services to refresh and modernize their brand.

For almost a decade Collingwood BIA used the same brand assets. Over the last few years, the trends and sentiments of the neighbourhood changed with new residents moving and new businesses investing in the area. With the change, Collingwood BIA felt that the brand should evolve and be refreshed to represent the neighbourhood’s DNA.

Pace Creative partnered with Collingwood BIA to conduct market research amongst local business owners & inhabitants before crafting new concepts resonant of their area’s heritage.


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Collingwood BIA is making moves to strengthen their identity and showcase the vibrancy of this ever-evolving neighbourhood. With an eye towards reinvigorating its tagline, they are embracing a new energy that truly speaks to all who call it home.

  • How can we cater our marketing for government agencies strategies to help Collingwood the best?
  • How can we build brand equity for Collingwood BIA?
  • How do we incorporate more neighbourhood elements into the new brand?
  • How do we incorporate elements of transportation into the brand?


Catering Our Marketing for Government Agencies Strategies

Pace Creative refreshed Collingwood BIA’s brand with a contemporary aesthetic. To emphasize the focus on typical transportation when the area was first established, we integrated bicycles and other forms of transport as visual cues. Residents, customers, and business owners recognize the various transportation types to create a stronger connection and promote better recall. Additionally, landmark illustrations from the neighbourhood were fused together with the logo – paying homage to where it all began!

Marketing Research to Build Brand Equity

To better understand the creative direction of Collingwood BIA, Pace Creative conducted market research across all stakeholders – residents, customers, retailers and business owners.  Established fonts and custom bicycles were included to promote inclusiveness while reinforcing brand recall through historical landmarks associated with the region’s community – adding a personalized touch that ultimately increases equity for their customers.

Brand Development

We developed the logo design following the brand strategy and implemented the typography and color palette as part of Collingwood’s brand style guide. This brand development process helped established Collingwood’s brand identity. We wanted Collingwood’s brand to be consistent in design and messaging across all channels, to create a unified look.

Marketing assets included stationary, banners, newsletters, and tote bags, to appeal to Collingwood residents and achieve better brand recall.

Repurpose of assets across all channels from social media to the website, etc. to create a unified look with a consistent message. Show screenshots from different channels.


  • 80% brand recalfl from Collingwood residents and was positively received
  • The brand was launched to all stakeholders after it was integrated throughout all marketing channels and marketing materials cohesively and consistently.
  • The brand-new logo was launched in October 2018 with custom stationery, and the banners and newsletter were revealed in November 2018. New banners were designed in 2021 to extend the brand.
  • The brand has created local swag for retailers to use and share to create a stronger identity. Tote bags are distributed at retail stores, in an environmentally friendly way.
  • Pace Creative continues the roll-out’s second phase, focusing on online, video, and digital channels.

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