Dell, a leading information technology company sought new ways to build its brand awareness and develop custom ad content targeting specific groups of consumers. The target audience encompassed owners of approximately 2-year-old computers with depleting battery life. The company wanted to promote its Dell Memory power banks as a cost-effective solution for consumers in need of a battery replacement.

Jason, the product marketing manager, sought the services of Pace Creative as an agency partner to develop an ad campaign strategy and product awareness campaign to grow their client-base and increase brand recognition.


increase in sales


increase in conversion rate


increase in product page traffic


The Dell Memory line targets owners who have ~2-year-old computers and have a battery that no longer holds enough charge while unplugged. These computer owners are searching for replacement batteries and may not be aware of the power bank option.

Turns out, very few people know what power banks are, what they do, or how they work! How do we make laptop users aware of this power bank option and redirect them away from wasting their money on brand new products?

The objectives for this ad campaign were to increase product awareness, generate sales, and drive B2B demand generation.

  • How to stay away from the status quo of generic or repetitive campaigns with a refreshed ad campaign strategy?
  • How to develop custom ad content for a mature leading information technology company?
  • How to create a multi-channel campaign to promote the product line?


Ad Campaign Strategy

We created an ad campaign strategy to build brand awareness of the memory line to target owners who have ~2-year-old computers and have a battery that no longer holds enough charge while unplugged.

The first step was to develop a comprehensive ad campaign strategy that considered the customer journey, personas, and the challenges that the power bank solves. This involved defining KPIs, measuring success, and aligning closely with the marketing and sales teams.

Product Positioning Strategy

Pace Creative developed a tailored product positioning and messaging strategy to resonate with the targeted audience, highlighting key features and value drivers of the power bank product line.

Ad Concepts

The team devised several ad concepts to create brand awareness, promote the power banks, and drive revenue. This campaign aimed to convince frustrated laptop owners that power banks are a viable solution as an alternative to purchasing a new battery or laptop.

  • Concept 1 –  No power? No problem.
  • Concept 2 – No plug? No problem.

Promoting Campaign Using an Integrated Marketing Channel Approach

To reach its target audience, Dell employed a series of LinkedIn ads, gaining traction from the right prospects. Utilizing various social media channels, the campaign was promoted and gained exposure among the target audience.

Tracking Performance of the Ad Campaign Strategy

Performance was closely monitored throughout the campaign to optimize cost per acquisition and report monthly campaign performance for marketing budget support.


  • Generated 20% more online sales each month
  • Created predictable revenue growth for computer parts and upgrades
  • Continued monitoring marketing performance to optimize Cost per Acquisition (CPA)
  • Provide dmonthly ad campaign strategy performance reports to support an increased marketing budget
  • Collaborated with Pace Creative on new customer-centric ads for the B2B division

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