Grifols is a global healthcare company that produces plasma medicines for patients and provides hospitals, pharmacies, and healthcare professionals with the services and information they need to provide expert medical care.

They wanted to develop a global website that presents the complete diagnostics product portfolio. They wanted an accessible online resource for customers to learn about diagnostic products and technologies.

Pace Creative helped Grifols with a new digital marketing for healthcare strategy that included a full-scale website development and SEO content strategy that improved the user experience.




MQLs each month thru organic SEO


spent on media coverage


Grifols wanted to create a website that presented the Diagnostics product portfolio that was informative, resourceful, and helped build brand awareness. They wanted to enhance the awareness and visibility of their brand and the Diagnostics products portfolio while improving the portfolio’s navigation.

  • What digital marketing for healthcare strategies work best for Grifols specific healthcare niche?
  • How can we improve Grifols’s brand awareness through website development?
  • How can we gain website traffic through an implemented SEO content strategy?


Strategic Website and Content Development

A unique Diagnostic but Grifols-branded website with an optimized site map was developed to ensure that the product portfolio is easy to navigate. This included a new 100+-page website in which every page target specific organic search results with primary, secondary, and alternate keywords and strategic content.

We created a content hub that is consistently updated with thought leadership-type content that is relevant, adds value, and is shared – bonus, it’s also optimized for search. The website demonstrates thought leadership globally through the education portal to support physicians.

Digital Marketing for Healthcare Strategies

An online strategy was developed to improve the online user experience as well as rank organically for specific keywords using an SEO strategy. The branding is consistent with the corporate Grifols website to help build brand awareness.

Outbound Marketing

We utilized social media channels and strategy to capitalize on gaining new awareness and maintaining relationships with existing clients. We also incorporated online paid advertising, event sponsorships, and webinars to further promote the Grifols brand.


The digital marketing for healthcare strategized website far exceeds the company’s previous online KPIs. Here are some of our ongoing successes:

  • 34% bounce rate
  • 53% visibility
  • 3K visits, 143.2k unique visitors each month
  • Avg visit duration close to 4 minutes
  • Generates online targeted Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs) each month
  • Website consistently meets all online business goals
  • Increase online leads and conversions with demand-generation campaigns

Pace Creative continues to work with Grifols on retainer to audit and improve its website presence to support Grifols’s growth. Pace Creative provides Grifols with monthly and quarterly analytics reports and analysis and helps them continually optimize and expand their website.

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