For over 30 years, Microserve, a family-owned company, has become an established industry leader in the delivery of IT solutions to organizations across Western Canada. A full-service IT service provider to clients of all sizes and sectors alike, Microserve’s commitment to excellence is unparalleled – always striving for new milestones with continuous innovation at its core.

After receiving marketing funds from IBM, the CMO at Microserve hired Pace Creative to create an effective inbound lead generation tool focused on data-storage solutions. Pace Creative created a content marketing asset to give a simplified overview of Microserve’s data-storage service to show how these services could meet customers’ exact needs, highlighting the customer service benefits that accompany every experience with Microserve. The content also connected Microserve’s solutions to consumers’ most pressing data-storage challenges to demonstrate the company’s understanding of customers’ specific needs.


qualified leads


increase in ROI


increase in social media engagement


With Microserve seeking new online leads for data-storage solutions, we crafted an informative infographic, tailored to their target demographic, to help fill in gaps in the customer journey.

  • How to attract new leads with a strategic inbound lead generation campaign?
  • How to generate leads through a strategic infographic on the website?
  • How to promote the infographic content through social media ads?
  • How to develop a landing page for the infographic with a free assessment to gain leads?
  • How to create strategic content for the infographic and make the layout accessible?


Developing an Inbound Lead Generation Strategy

Understanding the target audiences – CFOs, CEOs and COOs – was paramount to developing engaging material which detailed the optimal data storage solutions; such as high-capacity storage with fast performance, quick access times and secured data.

Above all else the user experience took center stage by simplifying complex concepts into easy-to-understand language whilst meeting customer needs when sourcing a new solution provider. The content outlined four strategic challenges for the audience to overcome, with a recommended solution in 3 easy steps to allow clients to tackle each hurdle efficiently without compromising accuracy or results along way.

Creating a Strategic Infographic

The centre piece of the campaign is the infographic. To amplify their data storage solution, Pace Creative crafted an impactful infographic – showcasing Microserve’s unique benefits. This exclusive piece of content can be found on the website and is available to download for quick access.

Digital Ads

To strengthen Microserve’s presence in the market, Pace Creative developed a multi-channel digital advertising strategy to promote its data storage solutions. By utilizing LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook ads we were able to effectively drive users to learn more about Microserve’s services.

Developing a Landing Page

We successfully guided users to Microserve’s landing page, which offered a comprehensive infographic and the opportunity for visitors to receive a free assessment. Our strategy was incredibly successful in helping customers access valuable added-value and content-rich resources.


  • This inbound lead generation campaign got Microserve over 22 new leads, as opposed to the zero leads achieved from a previous campaign
  • Microserve saw a 7% increase in their return-on-investment
  • Microserve saw a 3% increase in social media engagement following the infographic launch and digital ads

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