Micralyne is a leading independent Microelectromechanical Systems (MEMS) and microfabrication foundry acquired by Teledyne. For over 30 years, they have been highly competent and are a trusted MEMS fabrication partner of leading high-tech companies.

As a niche manufacturing company, Micralyne wanted to attract and convert global prospects by investing in the transforming their outdated manufacturer website into a refreshed, strategic website. On top of being user-centric, they also wanted the website to act as a recruiting tool for potential employees.

Pace Creative developed an online strategy for the website to be optimized so that it ranks high in SEO, attracts qualified leads, and support sales efforts to grow the business. We determined how to structure the content into the new website while considering the customer journey and applying an online marketing strategy.


conversion rate


bounce rate reduced


increase in leads


Micralyne’s previous manufacturer website was not projecting the right image/message to its targeted audience, and 80% of the web form leads were discarded. Micralyne struggled with being noticed by high-end companies and presenting an accessible and easy call to action. Additionally, the website was too text-heavy, the navigation was not friendly and, the overall design was outdated.

  • How can the refreshed manufacturer website resonate with its target audience?
  • How can Micralyne attract the right prospects and targeted audience?
  • How can we transform the website into a strategic marketing asset for lead generation?
  • How can the content be engaging to encourage customers to take action?


Online Marketing Strategy

Pace Creative developed an online marketing strategy for Micralyne, focusing on the persona journey, content themes, and channels. The purpose was to determine how to deliver the right content to the right audiences at the right time. It was important to understand the customer persona journey and how to implement it for the intended audience. We identified content themes to incorporate into the website, along with the right content channels to use. We determined that more evidence and graphics were needed to make the content stand out. In terms of the customer journey, awareness content, persuasive writing, speaking in the customers’ language, and adding appropriate next steps were all recommendations made to ensure a successful implementation of the strategy. Lastly, the online marketing strategy entailed producing credible content and an efficient promotional strategy for the website.

Content Development

Using a content development strategy, we wanted to observe how customers move through the persona journey. By identifying the content themes and channels, we determined which content was relevant to mention and how it was to be implemented in the new website. Some recommendations included adding awareness content by building relationships earlier, creating a persuasive story, speaking in customers’ language, demonstrating expertise, and building trust with professional content. The emphasis on content was meant to attract and convert prospects.  The goal of this strategy was to increase Micralyne’s leads and improve its conversion rate.

Optimizing the Manufacturer Website

Pace Creative redesigned Micralyne’s website, focusing on content themes and optimizing the site map. We designed the new website’s wireframes and the branded look and feel. We wanted to ensure the content fits in the new website while resolving the current challenges such as readability and appeal. The purpose of Micralyne’s website development was to attract prospects and compel them to pursue our call to action. This was intended to increase website traffic and the number of people reached.

Digital Strategy

We used an integrated and holistic digital strategy approach by considering every promotional channel that would impact attracting leads to the website. We did a lot of research to identify how and when to distribute the website content to ensure it aligned with our persona journey. Some of our recommendations included pay-per-click search ads, social ads, and retargeting ads to increase the number of people reached. This approach was unique and revolutionary in the manufacturing industry – it greatly impacted the bottom line!


  • Increased conversion rate of 9.6%
  • The optimized site map and strategic content throughout the website reached the target audience
  • 1800% increase in leads
  • 35% bounce rate for the website
  • The new website was less content-heavy and more readable and visually appealing to the audience, and the CTAs were more accessible
  • The manufacturer website is SEO optimized and the keywords are ranking on first page of SERPs.

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