NxStage Medical is an American medical company that specializes in systems for treating kidney-related diseases. In 2018, they launched a device that helps prevent needlestick injuries during needle removal in patients, known as the Masterguard Plus. They wanted to promote this device to medical professionals at a tradeshow using virtual reality marketing to make them stand out in their industry.

NxStage Medical invested in a go-to-market strategy that included a tradeshow strategy with an innovative concept using a virtual reality application to stand out in front of attendees. NxStage wanted users to virtually try the product with the creation of a virtual reality experience. Pace Creative helped NxStage with this creation to showcase the product and attract the attention of the audience.


testers at tradeshow


increase in leads


increase in sales for Q2


NxStage Medical wanted to attract interest in their brand and new product so they could explain the benefits to their intended audience. They were interested in creating a virtual reality marketing experience so potential users could virtually try the product and experience the benefits.

  • How can we attract the targeted audience and increase sales for the Masterguard Plus?
  • How can we cater virtual reality marketing strategies for this specific healthcare product?
  • How can we emphasize and educate nurses on the benefits of using Masterguard Plus with a compelling script?


Brand Marketing Strategy

Our team developed a trade show strategy to align the Virtual Reality experience with NxStage’s business goals. We identified which VR headset to use, and the VR app and the video content were integrated with NxStage’s existing content marketing strategy.

Creating the Script and Storyboard

We developed the content for the VR application by building an interactive script and a storyboard with a detailed user experience journey, making for an overall cohesive experience.

Virtual Reality Marketing Strategy

Pace Creative used a digital strategy to implement a VR application to recreate a real life scenario for users using Masterguard Plus when removing a needle from a patient’s arm. The scenario gives insight into preventing needle stick injuries and shows a common task done by medical professionals. This VR experience was relevant and appealing to healthcare workers. Furthermore, gaming, video, 3D animation, and motion graphics were combined and utilized.


  • Over 15% increase in sales for the product
  • The virtual reality marketing experience was completed in time for the tradeshow, following a 6-week timeline and approved budget
  • The VR experience generated a buzz at the tradeshow, resulting in an array of over 200 industry professionals lining up to test the product
  • The experience has been re-purposed as a product video as a lead generation campaign video on NxStage’s website. Check it out below!

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