For over twenty years, Cutera has been driving innovation and advancements in medical aesthetic practices globally. Cutera has a distribution agreement in North America for the micro-needling system, Secret™ RF. A non-surgical aesthetic procedure that provides physicians with more control, Secret™ RF helps achieve well-tolerated and precise dermal remodeling results for patients. With features such as insulated and non-insulated micro-needles, a wide range of injury depths, smooth controlled needle motion, and precise temperature management, the system provides benefits to both physicians and patients alike.

As part of the product launch strategy, Pace Creative was tasked with constructing a 3D model of an advanced micro-needling system in time for the launch. The 3D animation shows how the product can provide excellent care to patients by offering varying depths of injury treatment as well as controlled needle motion and precise temperature regulation – all under the supervision of physicians.


weeks to meet Q2 sales


times the expected sales in 2020


increase in physician visit requests


To truly understand the state-of-the-art solution, a live demonstration or trial of the Secret™ RF system would be ideal. However, to do so would be time-consuming and costly with limited reach. Cutera required a product launch strategy for this innovative system.

  • How to effectively demonstrate the tool and procedure to educate physicians all over North America?
  • How to develop a product launch strategy with a video that would target and educate both physicians and patients who have different interests in the features and functionalities of the product?
  • How to increase website traffic and invite prospects to visit Cutera’s website?
  • How to create a model, as close to the real product as possible, while the product is still being manufactured?


Integrated Product Launch Strategy

Pace Creative crafted an integrated product strategy that included a brand strategy. Cutera unveiled their new Secret RF in a powerful 3D animated video – capturing the attention of physicians and patients alike. Aiming to spread awareness for this innovative product, its dynamic delivery made it truly engaging with viewers.

Strategic Messaging Matrix and Marketing Plan

A communication plan was crafted to convey the key messages around Secret™ RF to physicians in a consistent and cohesive manner. Marketing opportunities in print, online, and digital channels were incorporated for the product launch.

Campaign Concept

Secret RF was the overarching concept for this product launch. When developing our video script, we emphasized the product naming for this concept to make it more compelling for the audience. The video focuses on the features of Secret RF and how it fits in dermal remodeling. Highlighting Secret RF as a key component of the product launch would help increase consumer engagement.

3D Product Marketing Video

To demonstrate the product itself – still under manufacture – a unique 3D product marketing video was conceptualized, designed, and produced. The custom 3D animated video highlights the product features important to both physicians and patients – less downtime, additional customization, less pain, faster results, and fewer treatments.

Integrated Marketing Outreach

At the start of the journey, we used the messaging matrix to draft technical content that would resonate with physicians. The content was optimized for organic SEO to start ranking upon the launch of the microsite.

We designed and programmed the product microsite for Secret™ RF to become the main product content hub. This website was focused on identifying a potential physician’s needs, leading them to identify Secret™ RF as a viable solution to invest in for their clinic, and then guiding them to take the next step to schedule a call with a local representative.


  • The resulting 3D product marketing video conveyed the key messages in a dynamic and engaging way. The video played a central role in the online microsite.
  • From the 3D product model, high-resolution photography was created to include on the website, for use on social media and other digital applications, as well as in print assets.
  • The product launch strategy was well-received and garnered Q2 sales in 6 weeks.
  • With an early adoption from physicians, Cutera has received ongoing ROI since the product launch of Q2 in 2020.
  • Cutera saw a vast increase in sales, having met 4X the expected sales in Year 1.
  • The adoption rate increased by 55% for clinics.

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