Schneider Electric, a global leader in solar energy power products, launched the new ConextTM XW Pro solar hybrid inverter and charger to address future-ready home power system solutions. The product complies with evolving utility requirements, such as California Rule 21, and can be integrated with other Schneider Electric systems to simplify configuration and provide powerful remote monitoring and control to homeowners.

As part of its product launch campaign, Schneider Electric envisioned a captivating new product launch video to use in the product launch campaign. With this development, Schneider Electric has set an exciting concept for its campaign – one that truly captures modern innovation!


views on YouTube


increase in views from previous content


increase in social media engagement


To introduce the new ConextTM XW Pro solar hybrid inverter, this time to homeowners, Schneider Electric invested in an explainer video for the product launch. By leveraging social media channels effectively, they aimed to expand customer reach to maximize engagement across marketing platforms.

  • How to create a new product launch video that is intriguing and informational?
  • How to create a story for the product launch video to resonate with homeowners?
  • How to maximize customer reach with a limited budget?


Product Launch Strategy

The ConextTM XW Pro’s advanced versatility and its capacity to fit seamlessly into existing Schneider Electric systems and handle a multitude of applications. Its reliability makes it an ideal choice for homeowners as a safe choice. The concept used an integrated approach from a marketing and product line perspective.

New Product Launch Video

Using the best practices in B2B video marketing, professional product photography, 2D illustrations and animation, our team produced a lively and informative explainer . The video is a key marketing tool to the campaign – showcasing the features and benefits of the ContextTM XW Pro and speaks confidentiality to the wide-ranging applications and how it helps address evolving utility requirements. When working on the product strategy, we explored the user’s specific needs and pain points to establish the issues that the new ConextTM XW Pro addresses to owners.

Video Production and Content Marketing

We then transformed the video content into a visually appealing and branded video marketing asset. The audiences targeted included: residential, commercial, and industrial customers as well as distributors. When developing the elements of storytelling, we wanted the script to remain simple, engaging, and created a buzz at industry trade shows.

Social Media strategy

Schneider Electric’s product launch video was promoted on two leading platforms, YouTube and the company website. This strategy has enabled brand visibility across multiple channels empowering viewers to stay connected and engaged with the new product.


  • Since its launch, the two-minute new product launch video has 24k views, which is Schneider Electric’s most viewed video to date,
  • 400% increase in views from previous video content
  • 250% increase in likes on social media

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