With over 40 years of experience, Volunteer Toronto is a nonprofit and charitable organization making waves in Canada’s largest city – connecting volunteers with the non-profits and charities. Through their matchmaking services, individuals are now able to access rewarding opportunities that make a real difference within their community.

To show gratitude, celebrate and thank all the volunteers, volunteer managers, and community coordinators for their hard work, they came to us for our video production in digital marketing services. Volunteer Toronto wanted to create a content marketing asset that would reach, connect, and engage with extraordinary individuals who had donated their extra time to support the community.






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We developed a video marketing asset and campaign to further promote volunteering within the city and attract more volunteers, who are an integral to the success to make Toronto an amazing, safe, vibrant, and beloved city.


Video Production in Digital Marketing Strategy

Despite the short timeline, Pace Creative and Volunteer Toronto partnered for a nonprofit video production, in which Pace Creative recommended creating a short 50-second, custom-branded animated video, as the focal point of the digital marketing campaign. The goal of the video is to show gratitude to volunteers as well as attract new volunteers from referrals.

Creating the Story

Through their creative story and interactive script, Pace Creative portrayed “the evolution of volunteerism” in a powerful manner. They highlighted individuals’ kind deeds as well as how collaboration can create greater social good. From this video, Volunteer Toronto wish to remind individuals that each person’s act of kindness – no matter big or small – is significant when it comes to recovery efforts. The organization also wants to encourage others on fostering volunteering opportunities in building resilient communities especially during challenging times.

Video Storyboard

Pace Creative crafted a powerful storyboard for an animated video with one clear aim: to inspire people everywhere to come together and volunteer. With close attention paid towards every detail within the concept, the final product promises an impactful reminder about making our world stronger through solidarity.

Social Media Promotion and Engagement

Volunteer Toronto leveraged social media to effectively spread the video and its message of gratitude, creating interaction and resonance with viewers. The video was a powerful reminder that appreciation for volunteers is an essential part of any successful organization.


  • With over 2,000 views and 30 shares, the video marketing campaign was successful in generating further brand awareness for the non-profit organization. It helped Volunteer Toronto stand out amongst the Toronto community and non-profit industry.
  • Volunteer Toronto has accrued over 15.7k followers on Twitter and nearly 9000 on LinkedIn!

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